I love reading and I love promoting books, whether through my work as a librarian or online through this blog and social media. I have been a professional reader for over ten years now and I love it.

A large percentage of the books reviewed on this site I received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Each of these books are clearly marked with a disclaimer. I would like to thank the publishers who make advanced copies available to reading professionals such as myself.

Review Guide

As a librarian I know how hard it can be to assess a book for its level of content, especially in school libraries where books may be separated into a variety of collections based on grade or age levels. That's why I aim to provide some information about the content included in the books I review. This may include coarse language, mature themes, sexual content, violence, or alcohol and drug use. The age guide provided for children's or young adult books is a guide only and is provided directly from the publishers.

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