Lightfall: The Dark Times

– Tim Probert –

Lightfall #3


Published 2 April 2024


I think this might easily be one of my favourite books of 2024. It’s definitely one of my favourite graphic novels. Lightfall: The Dark Times is utterly spectacular. From the gorgeous illustrations to the characters that have captured my heart, this graphic novel, the third in the Lightfall series, seriously shines.

I had to take multiple photos of frame and pages to share as I was reading. So many had just incredible sentiments, depth of understanding and relatability. So much of Bea’s journey, her anxiety and the wisdom those around her share was so beautifully captured. The graphics did take on a darker tone to meet the setting of this third book. But the lack of light in the story in no-way mean this book lacks vibrance. In fact, the opposite is true. The colours and tones of the book are jaw-droppingly gorgeous. The deep blacks and blues, golden spots, purples and magentas are just stunning. And there are sections of vibrant greens and yellows.

In Lightfall: The Dark Times, Bea and Cad continue their quest. They and their fellow of group of survivors are travelling to the Citadel of Knowledge. If they can understand more about what is happening, they might be able to find a solution. But the journey is hazardous and Bea, Cad and their friends must make some tough decisions if they are to reach safety and find the answers they seek.

I’m not sure how Tim Probert has improved on the first two books in this series, but he has, he seriously has. I cannot wait to continue this story in the next book, but first I have to re-read The Dark Times and ensure all of my colleagues, friends, family members and students have read the series.

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Category: Graphic novel

Genres: Fantasy, Adventure

Subjects: Magic, quests, friendship, adversity, light, anxiety,

Age guide: 8 and up

Published:  2 April 2024 by HarperAlley

Format: Paperback, ebook. 256 pages.

ISBN: 9780063080911