Professional Learning: June 2024

Professional Learning Opportunities June 2024

Thank you to everyone who reached out and offered their kind words of support and understanding to my message in last month’s PL list. I am happy to report that these lists will continue for the time being. I love being able to put them together and ensuring I make time for them also brings a little more balance into my life between work and other things I love to do. So, here is your Professional Learning list for June 2024. 

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Aboriginal Storytelling in Early Childhood – QSLA with Jessica Staines – on demand, available for 3 months – $25 for members, $30 for nonmebers.

Fake World: Academic integrity in the era of digital fakes – Eduwebinar with Mali Jorm – 12 June, 2024, 7pm – $45.

The CBCA Shortlist 2024 with Paul Macdonald – ASLA – 5 June, 2024, 7:30pm AEST – free for members, $40 non members. 

In Conversation with Neal Shusterman – School Library Journal – 7 June, 2024, 1pm ET – free.

Strengthening School Libraries through Community Partnerships – ALA – 13 June, 2024, 1:30pm CDT – $71 members, $79 non-members. 


Library Management Training Accelerated Course – a two-week course, with online live sessions, facilitated discussions, interactive working sessions and asynchronous workshop, on-demand resources and online classroom. 


In case a new episode every week isn’t enough for you, check out the incredible School Librarians United podcast Playlists. A resource to view podcasts by topic. Other recent School Librarians United podcast episodes include Supporting Our College-Bound, Miss Honey Award, and Navigating Self-Censorship.

Your Kid’s Next Read. Recent episodes include short middle grade novels, 10 minutes with Deborah Abela and Graphic Novels 2.0.

Engaging and Empowering School Libraries. Recent episodes include FOSIL, Education and School Libraries: History of school libraries in the UK 1986 to modern day part 2 and part 1.

Events and Resources

A Teacher’s Guide to Academic Integrity and GAI – A open education resource created by the University of Southern Queensland for secondary school teachers and administrators to navigate new technologies and academic integrity. 

Articles and Blog posts

“Being a Global Citizen”: Australian Secondary Teacher Librarians in the Changing Information Landscape – Kay Oddone and Kasey L. Garrison. An article that explores how teacher librarians develop students’ information literacy skills and why this is so vital in today’s society. 

Combating burnout: Fostering workplace wellness for librarians – Pressreader.  While this article doesn’t offer many suggestions we probably haven’t already considered and some of which are actually outside our scope, it’s a timely 

Canva has launched some updates to their platform – check out the updates and videos here. If you use Canva for your school library or you have it school-wide, it’s helpful to check out what new features have launched and how we can use them to support our students and staff in their learning. 

Designing for Communities with Communities: A Public Library Codesign Project – Philip Hider, Jane Garner, Ann Godfrey, Hamid R. Jamali, and Simon Wakeling. While this article and project focuses on public libraries, there are some great points for considering and involving users in design projects.

AI at work is here. Now comes the hard part – Microsoft and LinkedIn. Again, this isn’t focused on a school library setting, but important for how we integrate AI into our work and teaching students how to maximise it’s use in preparation for work.

Why I love to present at conferences – Dr Robbie Barber. This short blog post provides great insight into why presenting at conferences is as important for professional development and learning as attending. It might even encourage you to give presenting a go.

Be a reading champion in your community – Australia Reads. All great ideas we in school libraries will be aware of, but this article might be a good one to share with your parent or school community.

Getting savvy about media literacy – Taylor and Francis. This article covers what media literacy is, why it’s important for children to practice and develop media literacy, how it fits into the school curriculum.

Reading for pleasure: scrutinising the evidence base – benefits, tensions and recommendations. Teresa Cremin and Laura Scholes. An intriguing article that looks at the evidence of reading for pleasure in Australia and England, trends, the key issues arising from the research. 

“We are entering the fourth age of libraries” Singapore libraries’ Chief Innovation Officer – by Yogesh Hirdaramani. What does the future of public libraries look like and how can we take some of these ideas and incorporate them into the school library world?

Investing in school libraries and librarians to improve literacy outcomes – Tania Otero Martinez. A great article that draws upon the research of school libraries and how valuing and supporting school libraries and librarians can improve literacy outcomes. A great article to share with your leadership teams. 

Recipes from Katherine Rundell’s books – Federation of Children’s Books Groups. I had to share this super cute blog post. A great idea to integrate with a food and nutrition unit or share with families. 

Scan Volume 41, Issue 2: Includes articles: Leading in a time of disruption by Andrew Smith;  Curate, advocate, collaborate: Updating a school library collection to promote sustainability and counter eco-anxiety by Pooja Mathur; and Share practice and resource kit: The Best Cat, the Est Cat by Sally Rasaiah.

Academic integrity and copyright literacy policy and instruction in K-12 schools: a global study from the perspective of school library professionals by Zakir Hossain, Ozgur Celik and Corinne Hertel.

Want more professional learning?

Have a look through last month’s professional learning list.

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  1. Rachel Summerfield

    Love your page and the helpful resources and articles you provide. Thank you.
    Just a heads up though, I tried to access the “Be a reading champion in your community” article and the link took me to “Why I Love to present at conferences”.

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