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Book Review: Lightfall The Dark Times


Lightfall: The Dark Times

– Tim Probert –

Lightfall #3


Published 2 April 2024


I think this might easily be one of my favourite books of 2024. It’s definitely one of my favourite graphic novels. Lightfall: The Dark Times is utterly spectacular. From the gorgeous illustrations to the characters that have captured my heart, this graphic novel, the third in the Lightfall series, seriously shines.

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Book Review: Wild Dreamers


Wild Dreamers

– Margarita Engle –

Atheneum Books for Young Readers

Published 23 April 2024


Wild Dreamers is a story of two teens, both facing significant challenges in their lives and their chance meeting and magical connection. It’s a story of singing therapy dogs, treacherous water, broken hearts, fleeing for safety and trying to save a species of animals gravely impacted by humans.

Wild Dreamers is a sad story, yet with sparks of hope. The writing is lyrical and magical, befitting this charming novel in verse.

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The Ins and Outs of Weeding

The Ins and Outs of Weeding

I am actually shocked it has taken me this long to write this post about weeding. Weeding is one of my absolute favourite collection management tasks.

Weeding is also known as deaccessioning, culling or deselection. It’s the process of carefully removing items from your school library collections using a specific criteria that meets your collection development policy.

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The Importance of a Diverse Collection

The Importance of a Diverse Collection

We all know the importance of a diverse collection. At least, theoretically. It might be something we mention in our collection development policy, or nod our heads to during a webinar. Maybe we’ve even put a diversity collection audit on our to-do list. But in the busyness of daily school library life, diverse collection development and promotion can sometimes slip.

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Ramblings: Fantasy Library Lessons – Intro to Fantasy

Fantasy Library Lessons – Intro to Fantasy

This semester in English, the Year 7 students are studying Fantasy. It’s a genre I love reading myself and I love that we don’t allocate them a class novel, instead the students can pick anything from the genre – graphic novel, novel, manga, short story – to read for the semester. They can read multiple books or just stick with one. They also do a film study and a creative writing piece. It’s a fun unit that has changed over time and I love where it is heading. Because I see each class once a fortnight, I can tie my library lessons into their fantasy unit.

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Book Review: Inventions of the Heart


Inventions of the Heart

– Mary Connealy –

The Lumber Baron’s Daughter’s #2

Bethany House Publishers

Published 1 July 2022


Inventions of the Heart is the second book in the Lumber Baron’s Daughters series and it continues on right where book one finished, so I’d recommend this historical novel to those who have already started to read this series.
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Book Review: Where The Road Bends


Where The Road Bends

– Rachel Fordham  –


Published 1 June 2022


Where the Road Bends is a heartwarming story about second chances and overcoming the worst of situations life can throw at you.

Where The Road Bends didn’t unfold in the way I expected and the story was all the richer for it. While the characters are faced with horrible circumstances and trials, it makes them finding the good in life all the sweeter.

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