Book Review: Until I Met You


Until I Met You

Lara VanHulzen

The Endicotts of Silver Bay #3

Tule Publishing

Published 20 July 2023



Until I Met You was the first book I have read by Lara VanHulzen, but it certainly has not been the last. I’m very grateful to have been introduced to this writer, who consistently presents wonderful inspirational romance novels, filled with heart and relatable characters.

Until I Met You is the third book in The Endicotts of Silver Bay series, but it can easily be read as a standalone or out of series order, as I did. The Endicotts of Silver Bay also has a companion series, Silver Bay. All share the same setting and character crossover, but can each be read as individual novels.

Dominic Endicott has recently moved to Silver Bay. It’s a move he never would have predicted, to the quiet, laidback town from the bustling life in the city. But after his parents make the move for health reasons, he too joins them and his two siblings in Silver Bay. Rachel Anderson moved to Silver Bay and never looked back. She loves the difference she can help to make at the community centre and by serving as a chaplain. It’s on just such a chaplain call that she first meets Dominic. Who she mistakes as her friend Chet. Did I mention Dominic is an identical twin? Their first meeting might have been … interesting, but Dominic and Rachel are soon thrown together in organising a fundraising event. The more time they spend together, the more they realise they might just be what each has been looking for, but Rachel has reasons for leaving her past behind her, a past Dominic closely represents, and Dominic might not be staying in Silver Bay. It leaves their future uncertain.

The small town setting, the close group of friends and family that surround our main characters really set the tone of this book and indeed the whole series. It’s a charming book, easy to read and enjoy. Dominic and Rachel might not seem like a match to start with, but they soon grow closer. Rachel has to work to see past all that Dominic represents, a world of money and power, and for his part, Dominic has to determine how much of his feelings for Rachel are worth changing his plans for the future.

A delightful romance. I look forward to reading more from Lara VanHulzen.

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The publishers provided an advanced readers copy of this book for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

More information

Category: Adult fiction

Genre: Christian Contemporary

Themes: Romance, twins, chaplains, brothers, siblings, family.

Published: 20 July 2023 by Tule Publishing

Format: ebook.

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  1. Lara Van Hulzen

    Thank you for the lovely review, Madison. I’m so glad you enjoyed Until I Met You.
    Happy Reading,
    Lara Van Hulzen

    • madisonslibrary

      Thank you, Lara. I’ve been enjoying all the other books in the series as well.

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