Faling For the Cowgirl

– Jody Hedlund –

Colorado Cowboys #4

Bethany House Publishers

Published 10 October 2022


Falling For The Cowgirl is the fourth book in the Colorado Cowboys series and the long awaited story of Ivy McQuaid.

Sister to the four McQuaid brothers, Ivy more than knows how to stand her ground and hold her own on a horse and cattle ranch. But it’s her dream to have her own spread. She’s been entering cowboy competitions, disguised as a man, to raise the funds she needs to buy the land. But when Jericho Bliss rides back into town, everything is thrown into chaos. Of course, he immediately sees through Ivy’s disguise and threatens to tell her brothers if she doesn’t stop with the dangerous competitions. And then there are the feelings she’s long carried for Jericho. And he’s never done anything but treat her like a sister. What Jericho can’t tell Ivy is that he is now a Pinkerton Agent, hunting down a dangerous killer, and following his feelings for Ivy could get her hurt. It’s something he’s vowed never to do, but it is hard to ignore the deep friendship between them and the blazing attraction they share.

I had to laugh at the many compromising situations Ivy and Jericho find themselves in. It makes for some blazing scenes. There is no denying the chemistry they share, but what I really loved was the friendship that their relationship is built upon. Having read the previous three books, Ivy and Jericho have been strong characters throughout the series. They been through a lot together, first friends, then awkward young adults, then separated by time and distance. Now, reunited, you can sense all those layers. When they are not arguing, (or kissing) it’s their gentle teasing and endless banter that speaks to their connection. Hedlund writes such fantastic romance.

Along with the romance is, of course, plenty of action and drama. Jericho is hunting a dangerous killer and Ivy is apt to get herself in sticky situations. Luckily she also pretty good at getting herself out of trouble.

I’m also excited to learn that there will be a book five in the series, featuring the wayward Dylan McQuaid.

The publishers provided an advanced readers copy of this book for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

More information

Category: Adult fiction.

Genre: Christian historical

Themes: Romance, cattle ranching, law, crime, gold, family,

Advisory: References to death and murder, injury and blood. References to the death of a baby. References to prostitution. References to alcohol use and intoxication.

Published: 10 October 2022 by Bethany House Publishers

Format: Paperback, ebook. 352 pages.

ISBN: 9780764236426

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