The Words We Lost

Nicole Deese

Bethany House Publishers

Published 11 April 2023



I absolutely adore the stories Nicole Deese crafts and The Words We Lost was no different. Poignant and strongly emotional, this is a story of loss, grief, long-held grudges and pain and the things that bring people back together.

Ingrid left Port Townsend in her rear view mirror years ago, leaving behind the man she loved after she couldn’t forgive him for his part in her father’s death. The only connection she retained was her best friend and wildly successful author Cecelia. Now it’s been almost a year since Cecelia passed away and Ingrid is struggling. Struggling with grief and regrets and struggling at work. When her editor gives her an ultimatum to find Cecelia’s last, might-possibly-not-exist, manuscript or find a new job, Ingrid finds herself doing the unimaginable – returning to Port Townsend. There she comes face to face again with Cecelia’s family, so many memories, good and bad, and of course Joel. Reluctantly, Joel and Ingrid team up when they discover a manuscript from Cecelia. It’s just not the manuscript they were expecting or looking for and it might just change everything.

The way Nicole Deese creates powerful stories and hurting, loveable characters is amazing. The Words We Lost is deeply emotional, mixing the present day grief of losing Cecelia, with fond memories of the past and enough happy moments to make this an utterly satisfying read. 

The romance is wonderful, as Ingrid and Joel rekindle what never really died, while also facing the ghosts of the past. Cecelia’s manuscript helps them to untangle the trust of the events of what tore them apart. 

A really satisfying ending was the icing on the cake in this fantastic book. Loved it.

The publishers provided an advanced readers copy of this book for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

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Category: Adult fiction

Genre: Christian Contemporary

Themes: Romance, writers, editors, death, grief

Published: 11 April 2023 by Bethany House Publishers

Format: Hardcover, paperback, ebook.

ISBN: 9780764241406

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