LEGO In Focus: Explore the Miniature World of LEGO Photography

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Chronicle Books

Published 4 October 2022


LEGO, such versatile stuff. And a book featuring LEGO  makes such a beautiful coffee table book, glossy photos into another world. There are lots of beautiful books that feature LEGO creations. Beautiful LEGO is one of my favs and now LEGO in Focus is right there with it.

LEGO in Focus features LEGO photography that places these small blocks in the real world. Very, very clever. From boats in the sea to Minifigures exploring the world, a LEGO train in a frosty winter scene and deep sea divers exploring the world beneath the waves.

Each photo is gloriously featured across a full page or page and half. With a small title and description of the photo, the design is minimalist and lets the photography speak for itself. I would have  loved to see more behind-the-scenes photos – there are a couple scattered throughout the pages – to show how these incredible photos are taken, but I guess that just adds to the mystery of it.

A great book to spark creativity. I’m looking forward to using this to encourage students in their photography pursuits and exploring the world through a different lens.

The publishers provided an advanced readers copy of this book for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

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Category: Non-fiction

Subjects: Lego, creativity, innovation, photography, art.

Published: 4 October 2022 by Chronicle Books

Format: Hardcover. 160 pages.

ISBN: 9781797217604

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