Book Week 2024: Theme Announcement

The CBCA Children’s Book Week is one of the biggest events in the Australian school library calendar. A perfect opportunity to celebrate Australian children’s literature and the work of school library staff and everything they do to support reading.

Each year, a theme is announced, along with the illustrator who will create the poster and graphics for the theme.

The Theme

The theme for Book Week 2024 is Reading is Magic.

The official dates for Book Week 2024 are the 17th of August to the 23rd of August, 2024.

Jess Racklyeft has been named as the illustrator who will be creating the official artwork around the theme. You’ll find the official artwork and resources on the Children’s Book Council of Australia website.

Exploring the Theme

You can learn more about the artwork and the theme in the below video. Jess talks about the reasons behind the design choices in the video.

Fiction and Non-Fiction

I absolutely love that non-fiction gets a special mention in the video and is the reason the artwork is set in space. What a great time to celebrate and promote our non-fiction collections. Fiction is represented by the fantasy elements in the design.

Three parts of the theme

Jess explores three parts to the theme. Reading can take you to other worlds; Reading helps you explore new ideas; Reading helps you to understand a different person.

I think this again ties in perfectly with celebrating both fiction and non-fiction and the benefits of reading.



You’ll find the official merchandise and free resources for the theme on the CBCA website. 

I have also created some free bookmarks, badge designs and a design for t-shirts and book bags that you can find here. 

Finding more ideas

If you’d love to start sharing ideas for the Book Week 2024 theme, why don’t you join our Aussies Book Week Facebook group or Pinterest page?

You can also check out my Pinterest board, Library – Book Week, which I will be updating to reflect the 2024 theme.

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