Get What You Want: How To Go From Unseen To Unstoppable

– Julie Solomon –

HarperCollins Leadership

Published 7 June 2022


It’s funny how much stigma there is around wanting something and working towards it. When I mentioned to someone that I was reading a book called Get What You Want their reaction was surprise and slight confusion, maybe even distaste. Why would you read that? I love that this book is so open about working towards what you want and being okay about that. It’s okay to want something and say you want something.

Get Want You Want starts with an author’s note promising this book will contain new material not found in the author’s podcast, writings and presentations. I’ve never explored any of that work, but I can say that she does fulfil the promise to be open about her journey.

The first of three parts in Get What You Want leads readers through personal reflection on what might be holding you back from accomplishing what you want and how to work beyond these limitations. The author uses many personal anecdotes and examples from others to explore what this means. I found this to be far more about personality and personal life than I expected, but that makes sense – you have to understand your past and experiences before fulfilling your goals. This part I found both practical and thought-provoking.

The second part starts to help outline your vision and goals for the future. Again, there were examples, anecdotes and ideas for exploring this, but I have found other books more helpful and detailed in exploring and creating visions and goals. Pitching and negotiating are covered at the end of the second part. What examples are given and the tips on effective pitches and negotiations are helpful, but I really wanted more details. This, we are told, can be accessed in the author’s online platforms and courses. By the end of the second part and into the third part, there are many references to external program and courses that we are promised will unlock our potential and make us rich. Most of the content is related to personal businesses and the author’s experience with coaching and self improvement business. The examples all relate to this, so it wasn’t as applicable to service related roles that I need to apply to these to.

There were parts of this book that felt more like advertising or a marketing stunt for the author’s online courses and platforms. “If you join this, I’ll teach you this”. That makes it a book I’m reluctant to add to my library shelves, as it doesn’t stand on its own as a resource and gives it a limited timespan before it becomes outdated. I don’t want to read a book only to be told I need to go and find more information, and pay for it, somewhere else. Maybe I’m old fashioned in thinking a book should be that complete resource.

A positive and empowering book, I just wish it had more detail and practically to go along with the examples and empowerment.

The publishers provided an advanced readers copy of this book for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

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Category: Non fiction

Subjects: Personal development, professional development, business, motivation.

Published: 7 June 2022 by HarperCollins Leadership

Format: Hardcover.

ISBN: 9781400226177

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