Professional Learning Opportunities July 2023

Happy July, everyone. Celebrating? Taking a break? Or maybe catching up on some professional learning? I am here to help (at least, with that last one). Here’s your list of school library professional learning opportunities for July, 2023. From webinars to podcasts, articles and more. Happy learning. 

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Webinars and videos

ALIA Career Starter Kit Webinar 2 Identifying Opportunity – ALIA – 4 July, 2023 1pm AEST – free for members – online.

Navigating Copyright for Australian School Libraries – ASLA with Sarah Powell and Elliott Bledsoe – 5 July, 2023 7:30pm AEST – $20 members, $40 non members – online. 

The Importance of Non Fiction – EduWebinar with Madison Dearnaley – 12 July, 2023 7pm AEST – free for members, $40 non members – online. 

2023 Online CBCA Judges Talk – SLAV – 20 July, 2023 4:30pm AEST – free for members – Online.

CBCA Book Week Ideas – SLANSW – 25 July, 2023 – online. 

AI and It’s Place in Education: Benefit or Baddie? – EduWebinar with June Wall – 26th July, 2023 7pm AEST – free for members, $40 non members – online. 

Reading Forum Series 2023 – Picture Books for Older Readers – SLAV – 27 July, 2023 4:30pm AEST – $40 – Online.  

Judging a Book By Its Cover – RAECO with Jody Rodas – 27 July, 2023 1:30pm AEST – free – online. 

Catch up on previous Raeco webinars here.

Rethinking Collection Organization with Kelsey Bogan – Demco with Kelsey Bogan. On demand. 

Dynamic Shelving with Kelsey Bogan – Demco with Kelsey Bogan – On demand.


New Librarians Symposium 2023 – eXchange, eXplore, eXpand – ALIA – 29 July, 2023 9am AEDT – $180 non members, $120 members – online. 


School Library Podcast – AI: Friend of Foe? The School Librarian’s Perspective and The Benefits of a Cohesive Senior Leadership/Librarian Partnership.

Latest episodes from Your Kid’s Next Read podcast, including Books that Spark Design Thinking and Books About Gardens.

Latest episodes from School Librarians United podcast, including Missing Books, ChatGPT, Restarting a Library, TikTok and Library Love.


Launch of 

Read NZ

Articles and Blog posts

EOI: SNSL Campaign Coordinator Role. Is this the job for YOU?

SCIS Connections Term 2, 2023.

Australian School Library Day 2023: Libraries Are Made By People. SNSL.

June 2023 edition of Synergy, featuring articles about the importance of physical books, engaging students in STEM through storytelling, AI, banned books, connected practice and more.

Top Ten Ways School Libraries Can Promote Health Literacy. Tammy Ross.

How can literary spaces support neurodivergent readers and writers? Jess deCourcy Hinds. 

Check this out: The British Library gets into gaming. Holly Nielsen. 

Reflections from the Open University Reading for Pleasure Conference June 2023 from Lucas Maxwell. 

AI Ready: How school libraries can lead in the era of algorithms. Kay Oddone.

Behind e-Books, Libraries find restrictions and high costs. Nikki Davidson.

How academic libraries use artificial intelligence to improve their services. Kelly Banks

Texas Library Journal Summer 2023

Meet the Shortlists! Announcing the Finalists for the 2023 Primary and Secondary School Librarian of the Year. SLA, UK. 

Libraries as Spaces for Innovation and Productivity. Urban Libraries Council. 

Look It Up! Why California needs better school libraries. Carol Kocivar.

In the Field: School librarians share their battles with book banning. Shannon Maughan. 

How removal of sensitive books from Hong Kong public libraries is affecting school libraries, student learning. 

Report: Survey of school libraries in Aotearoa New Zealand – 2022Miriam Tuohy

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