Adventures in Architecture for Kids: 30 Design Projects for STEAM Discovery and Learning

– Vicky Chan –

Rockport Publishers

Published 21 December 2021



Adventures in Architecture for Kids is a brightly coloured and attention-grabbing non fiction book with heaps of hands-on activity ideas.

The book is divided into five sections: General Construction, Architecture and History, Landscape Architecture, Sustainable Architecture, and a Brief Introduction to City Planning. Each section then has between three and eight projects to make that step you through an aspect of architecture. Examples of projects include building a 3D model of a house using pasta, designing a treehouse model and building with indigenous construction methods. Each project has multiple pages of photographs demonstrating the materials needed, step-by-step construction and the finished product. While each project can be followed exactly, once that has been created, readers can use the same techniques to create their own designs.

I love how easy to follow this book is and how attractive it is to readers. From the bright cover to the pages full of photographs and colourful information boxes.

Page from book

All of these projects are hands on construction projects, so no tech needed. There is also a massive push for sustainable design and being environmentally conscious, not only in the designs but the materials used. From cardboard to pasta to recycled things from around the house, readers are also encouraged to pull their designs apart to reuse the materials.

Page from book. Construction blocks on left, text on right

There really isn’t an age limit to this book, as it would be equally accessible for younger readers who could just follow the photos to older readers who could take the design processes laid out in the book and see what they can create.

The publishers provided an advanced readers copy of this book for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

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Category: Children’s non fiction.

Subjects: Architecture, construction, STEAM, building, sustainability, environmentally friendly design, design, projects.

Reading age guide: Ages 7 and up.

Published: 21 December 2021 by Rockport Publishers

Format: Paperback. 144 pages.

ISBN: 9781631599729

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