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Ramblings: Is My School Library Good Enough?

Is My School Library Good Enough?

I wrote this post a year ago and was never brave enough to post it. Thanks to Lee Crockett’s keynote at the ASLA 2023 Conference, I am finally hitting the go button. His talk about practice never being perfect but always a work in progress and change being neither painful or personal inspired me to share my thoughts on this topic.

As I have been digging into reading culture and assessing reading cultures recently, I have come across many checklists and guides for good school libraries. It had me questioning, how does my school library stack up? Is my school library good enough?

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Professional Learning: ASLA 2023 Designing Dynamic School Library Experiences

Professional Learning: ASLA 2023 Designing Dynamic School Libraries Experiences Presentation

It was so fantastic to be involved with the #ASLA2023 conference. When Anne Weaver invited me to present alongside her on the topic of designed experiences for dynamic school libraries, I jumped at the chance. 

The ASLA 2023 conference had such a wonderful range of presenters and topics and brought together school library staff from all over the country and even from overseas. 

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Professional Learning: January 2023

Professional Learning Opportunities January 2023

Happy new year! Well, almost. Another year, another chance to learn, experience and grow. There are so many incredible learning opportunities coming our way and I can’t wait to share them with you this year. I hope to make these lists relevant for all school library professionals. If you have any suggestions, ideas or have a professional learning opportunity you’d like me to include, please get in touch.  

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