Professional Learning Opportunities January 2022

January 2022. A new year. A whole year of new professional learning opportunities to get excited about. While for some of us, we might still be in the midst of a summer break and not wanting to think about getting back to work, others might just be finishing a winter break and needing a bit of inspiration to get back to work. In any case, I hope something in the below links are of interest to you and get you excited about the world of school libraries again. It’s a lean list, but February is set to be a bumper edition, so stay tuned. Happy learning. 

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Experience what it’s like choosing an award-winning book.

What’s It Really Like -2022 Mock Newbery Live. – SLJ – January 21 2022 – 1pm ET – free – online. 

LibLearnX is a 3-day Library professional online conference, presented by ALA but only for ALA members. 

LibLearnX – ALA – 21-24 January 2022 –  ALA membership required – online. 

Articles and Blog posts

Here’s an Academic Librarian’s perspective on the complexities of “Ditching Dewey” Beyond ‘Ditch Dewey’ in the Academic Library – Alissa via Lissertations

Angela Hursh from Super Library Marketing has been sharing a comprehensive guide to social media channels for Libraries. Here’s the one for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. Plus check out Super Library Marketing for more updates and guides. 

If you are like me and need to add some new graphic novels to your collection, check out SLJ’s list of Best Graphic Novels for 2021. 

And if you are looking for an Australian perspective, don’t forget to check out ALIA Graphic’s monthly graphic novel round-up

Check out Elizabeth Hutchinson’s take on a Christmas Classic through the perspective of school libraries- Headteachers… What is education’s best-kept secret?… Bah humbug!

Noni Harrison has shared the article she and Leanne Morgan wrote for the December edition of ASLA Access – Guided Inquiry Design – Practitioners’ Reflection.  

Anne Weaver has shared her annual reports for the All Hallow’s School Libraries. Impressive layout and impressive stats. This offers a great insight into her amazing library. She has also shared some sneak peaks of the current renovation they are undertaking. 


ASLA have announced two new Library Awards. The ASLA/Britannica Early Career Teacher Librarianship Award and the ALSA Library Advocate Award are now open, with closing deadlines in March. I encourage you to nominate at least one colleague or fellow professional. 

Want more professional learning?

Check out my professional learning series or have a look through last month’s professional learning list.