– Carla Laureano –

Tyndale House Publishers

Published 3 August 2021



I always enjoy the work of Carla Laureano. I adored her The Supper Club series (food – yum!) and now she has created another fantastic Christian contemporary romance. Provenance is set in a small (very cold) Colorado town. The snow storms and mountainous setting are the perfect backdrop to this story about discovering your past and falling in love.

When Kendall Green learns that she is the beneficiary of a grandmother she never knew, only desperation for some cash to keep her interior design business and home in California afloat, prompts her to respond. She’s not sure she wants anything from the grandmother who let her grow up in foster care, moving from home to home and when Kendall learns that her inheritance are 5 historic Victorian homes, she is half devastated and half delighted. She is ready to sell to the highest bidder when the young mayor of the town, delightfully handsome Gabriel Brandt, asks her to consider another option to help save the town’s history and community from circling developers. Staying gives Kendall the chance to learn the truth about her mother, her grandmother and the reason she was abandoned when she was a child, but it also means growing closer to Gabriel, and with her life in California, Kendall’s not sure that’s a risk she should take.

Small town setting. Tick
Charming and handsome love interest. Tick
Strong, career determined main character. Tick.


Provenance has everything I enjoy in a good contemporary romance. I do love a bit of family drama and mystery and Kendall has a lot to uncover about the events of her past. There were a few twists, which made the mystery of it exciting.

Cold snowy weather makes the perfect excuse for cuddling, right? And Kendal and Gabriel find themselves battling the cold together. Both are trying to prove themselves. Both care about community and the history of towns and buildings. As they start to work together, they learn they have a lot in common and they have some pretty great chemistry. Gabriel is a Christian and Kendal is hurt and confused when he tells her they can’t have a relationship when she doesn’t share his faith. Kendal’s own faith journey starts with good examples of loving and caring people, addressing the hurt from her past and some deep questions. The timing of Kendal and Gabriel’s relationship also helps her to take things at her own pace, and I liked that things were not rushed.

Provenance is a great Christian contemporary romance, perfect for reading while snuggled up by a fire.

The publishers provided an advanced readers copy of this book for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

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Category: Adult fiction

Genre: Christian Contemporary

Themes: Ancestry, architecture, interior design, Colorado, small towns, development, mayors,

Published: 3 August 2021 by Tyndale House publishers

Format: Hardcover, paperback ebook. 432 pages.

ISBN: 9781496445926

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