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Book Week 2016: Short list display

Book Week 2016 – Short list display

 These are my displays promoting the Book of the Year Notables and Short list.



Short Listphoto%202-1

photo%201-1Inspired by Shaun Tan’s artwork this year, I have used red, orange and yellow as my main theme colours. I used Outback as the font, which I downloaded from dafont. Yellow and orange crepe paper in a simple twist pattern create a quick and easy border.

Both the Notables list and Short list can be found on the CBCA website.

Book Week 2016: Literary Signpost

Book Week 2016: Costume Ideas

Book Week 2016: Activities

Book Week 2016: Activities #2

Book Week 2016: Activity Ideas

Book Week 2016 – Activity Ideas

Australia - Story Country

Book Week is a fantastic time for promoting libraries and engaging readers in a variety of activities to increase their connection with reading, Australian literature and library services. Here are just a few activity ideas, both my own and adaptions from others’, for this year’s Book Week.


Guest storyteller: Many libraries are fortunate to be able to afford a special guest visitor or author during the Book Week celebrations. This year storytellers, performers and Indigenous storytellers are sure to be popular. But if the budget doesn’t stretch to such an event, perhaps look within the library or school community. I’m sure someone within that population sticks out as a person who is good at spinning a yarn or has a knack for making a story spring to life. And if you still can’t find a willing victim, perhaps try an online video or retelling.

Rory's Story CubesGroup storytelling: Story cards and dice, such as Rory’s Story Cubes, are excellent for promoting storytelling with a group. While any story cards or flip chart would work I particularly like the Story Cubes (no, I’m not being paid to write this), as they are so tactile and pretty. But a cube net that students can create and design their own set of cubes would also work.

Giant Board Games

YA-Reading-Bingo-Challenge-2014Bingo: I’ve promoted this Reading Bingo from Random House before, but I think it would make an excellent giant bingo game. Create a giant board by enlarging each square and laminating. You would also need smaller copy to cut up and place in a container from which to randomly draw each square. As a square is drawn players have to name a title that fits, e.g. A Book That Became A Movie – The Hobbit. Write the book title on the square on the giant board (use a whiteboard marker so that it can be erased to play multiple times). This could be played competitively, with the names of students also listed on the squares, in teams or simply to see how quickly a group can fill the whole grid or one line.

Giant ScrabbleScrabble or Bananagrams: Check out this post from Constantly Lovestruck about a giant game of bananagrams, with a list of how many tiles you will need of each letter.

Pacman Pac-Man: This librarian created a giant Pac-Man board on the floor of her library. Details can be found on the blog Tvahlsing. 

Guess Who: I have seen giant Guess Who games and DIY Guess Who games using everyone from Bible characters to US Presidents. I would make a giant Guess Who game using book characters. You could use animated characters from popular titles such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid  or instead use the actors that have become the iconic representations of book characters.

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Book Week 2016: Display Ideas

Book Week 2016 – Display Ideas

The theme for Book Week 2016, Australia: Story Country, offers plenty of great ways to celebrate and decorate!!! Here are some of the ways I hope to decorate the library for this year’s Book Week.

Australia - Story Country

Short List

Molly-and-Pim-MurrayEvery year the library displays the books on the Book of the Year Short list, which you can find on the CBCA website.   piranhas-don-t-eat-bananasThis year a backdrop of hessian and Aussie road signs will decorate this display and give it an Aussie touch.

Under the Shade of A Coolibah Tree

Coolibah TreeI plan to update the Reading Tree to a Coolibah Tree, like the one mentioned in Waltzing Matilda, changing the leaves to gumtree-shaped leaves. Reading Tree - Green

With a few neutral coloured pieces of fabric, the bench seats will feel a little more outback-like and a fake campfire in the centre of the area will create a great space to gather for storytelling. Hanging stars will give the area an-outdoor, storytelling under the stars feel.

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Book Week 2016: Costume Ideas

Book Week 2016 – Costumes

If you like to match your Book Week costume to the theme, represent a literary character or maybe try to do both then the 2016 theme gives you plenty of room to move. Australia: Story Country is a theme that lets one explore all the wonders of Australian fiction, storytelling, writing, history, culture and pretty much anything else you want. Here are some of my ideas for costumes that fit with the 2016 Book Week theme.  Continue reading

Book Week 2016: Aussie Literary Signpost

Book Week 2016 – Australian Themed Literary Signpost
Literary Signpost

Street Signs

This Book Week 2016 I wanted to honour the theme, Australia: Story Country, by updating our literary signpost. Australia has some iconic place names, some of which have starred in Australian literature.

Binnum SignpostI have added these to the literary signpost to give it a fresh look and tie it in with the Australian theme.

Book Week 2016: Theme Announcement

Book Week 2016

The theme for Book Week 2016 has been announced – Australia: Story Country.

Australia - Story Country

Book Week 2016 will run from the 20 – 26 of August 2016. Shaun Tan has illustrated the artwork.

Australia is a pretty amazing country with some diverse stories to tell, so the 2016 theme will allow for a huge range of ideas, displays and costumes (I’m imagining our library staff all dressed as jillaroos and jackaroos, just as a start). From the beach to the bush, Dreamtime stories, and Australian children’s classics, I can’t wait to explore this theme more.


Meanwhile, you can check out my Pinterest board, Library – Book Week, which I will be updating to reflect the 2016 theme.

Book Week 2016: Literary Signpost

Book Week 2016: Costume Ideas

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