Book Week 2016 – Activity Ideas, Vol. 2

Australia - Story Country

Looking for fun ways to engage readers this Book Week? Here are a few more activity ideas, both my own and adaptions from others’, for this year’s Book Week. Also, check out my post Book Week 2016 – Activities Ideas post.

Guessing Competitions

Book in a jar: This is already a wildly popular guessing competition. Give it a Book Week 2016 twist by choosing an Aussie title to shred (or cut into squares).

Who Am I?: I was born in 1974 in Bendigo, Victoria. Before becoming an author I was  an actor, university lecturer and artist. I write and illustrate books for children. This year, my book is nominated for Book of the Year: Early Childhood. Who am I?

The name you know me by is actually a pseudonym, a fake name to conceal my identity. I grew up in Sydney. I have written over 50 books for children. This year, my novel has been shortlisted for Book of the Year: Younger Readers. Who am I?

This guessing competition might also need a few author information posters displayed nearby or perhaps hidden around the library, or students can use their devices or the books’ author pages to find details to help them solve the clues.

Short List Book Voting

Which book do you think will win Book of the Year in each category? Have students vote. A visual and physical voting option involves using clear containers and foam cubes, though you would need a lot of containers to cover all the books and categories. Perhaps one category per day? Alternatively stickers on a wall chart would work. Or, if you want to award a winner for a correct guess, use a form that can be filled out:

Name……………. Category (i.e. Picture Book)……………. Title of book you think will win………………….


Scattergories: Choose a letter or draw one randomly. Then fill out the form as fast as you can, or buzz out your answers in game-show style.


  • An Australian author ……..
  • A book set in Australia……..
  • A shortlisted book or author……..
  • A book that has been made into a movie……
  • A book character……
  • Something you can do in the library……
  • A place to read a book……

You can also check out my Pinterest board, Library – Book Week, which I will be continually updating to reflect the 2016 theme.

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