An Earth-Bot’s Solution to Plastic Pollution

Russell Ayto

Kids Can Press

Published 7 September 2021



An Earth-Bot’s Solution to Plastic Pollution is a simple and straightforward picture book that addresses themes of pollution and easy steps we can take to protect our planet.

Plastic water bottles are the main target of this book. The end papers and large expanses of water in the illustrations are printed with the repeating pattern of plastic bottles. It’s a clear message and speaks to the enormity of the problem.


This book doesn’t hide its message of protecting the planet behind metaphors or subtext. It is clearly stated – we have a problem with pollution and there are things we all need to do.

Neo lives with his grandfather next to the ocean. But Neo doesn’t notice the big problem the ocean has – he is too busy playing video games and protecting the earth from invading aliens. His grandfather asks him to tidy his room but it’s not until he has some unexpected visitors that Neo learns that there is a much bigger problem.

From Neo’s grandfather handing him a recycling bin to tidy his room to the ocean animals knocking on Neo’s door and proclaiming “Please can you help us? Plastic pollution is ruining our ocean and we need to clean it up” this book’s message is clear.

It won’t win any awards for subtlety, but it’s message is important. The book is also funny and the contrast between Neo and his messy room and preoccupation with saving the world from aliens in his computer games is a great comparison to saving our planet from pollution.

This will be a perfect book for classes studying environmental protection, pollution and sustainability.

The publishers provided an advanced readers copy of this book for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

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Category: Picture book

Themes: Oceans, nature, pollution, video games, sustainability, environment, grandfathers

Reading age guide: Ages 4 to 7

Published: 7 September 2021 by Kids Can Press

Format: Hardcover. 40 pages.

ISBN: 9781525305382

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