Two Goodbyes and a Hello

The end of 2020 has been a bit of a busy, wild and yet very exciting time. Coming to the end of 2020, it has come time to say goodbye to two schools and hello to a brand new school and school library.

Two Goodbyes

I took on a long service leave contract at a Junior School Library in Term 4, 2020. This short-term contract was such a wonderful opportunity and I loved getting to know a new student body, group of teachers and fantastic, amazing library staff. Despite only being there for 9 short weeks, it was lovely taking library classes each week and getting to know the students and what they loved to read. It is always so interesting and inspiring to see how other school libraries are run and what they promote. I loved how visually appealing this Junior School Library is. Honestly gorgeous. I also learnt a lot about using beautiful artwork and nice frames to highlight literature in a very classy and appealing way.  The library had a great aesthetic that I can attribute to a wonderful teacher library and library aide. It was a privilege and pleasure to step into this role and while it was sad to say goodbye at the end of the term, it was a wonderful term. I want to thank the school community and leadership who were so welcoming, the teacher librarian who very trustingly let me step into the role and the amazing library aide who helped me through the entire process.

My other goodbye is from a school I have worked at for the past 6 years. I started as a volunteer while completing my studies, stepped into short-term contract roles and finally took on the role of library aide and textbook coordinator. It has been a fun role. I have loved running book clubs with an amazing group of students. I have loved genrefying the collection and really working on building up a love of reading with our high school students. I have loved creating displays and planning events. It was sad to say goodbye. I am so grateful to everyone from this library and school who gave me the opportunity, who encouraged me and let me experiment. It is a beautiful community and a wonderful, busy, bustling library, and I’ll miss it and the people who work there.

A Hello

I am super excited to announce that I am starting at a brand new school library and school next year. I will be taking on a teacher librarian role, focusing on information services for high school students. I am really looking forward to working with a new library team, making new connections within the school community, and expanding on the opportunities the role allows.

Over the next few months I hope to document my journey in my new role on this blog, sharing the challenges and successes.