Activity – Weapon (book) launch party

With the release of a new book by Lynette Noni, my high school book clubers just couldn’t wait to get their hands on Weapon, sequel to Whisper. We couldn’t make the trip to the offical launch parties being held around Australia, so we decided to hold our own. It was a fun way to celebrate (any excuse for food in book club is popular) and helped promote our book club to readers who usually didn’t attend. Their were a few members who were not fans but cheerfully went along with things, content with the party supplies.

I literally threw this together at the last minute. A few snacks, sample pages from the first and new book and a quiz kept the party attendees happy as they chatted about their favourite characters and what they thought would happen in the second book.

I had created a poster the week earlier to help promote the event and placed it on display along with some read-a-likes. I was pleasantly surprised with how effective this was. It was great to see keen readers turn up and say, why don’t we attend book club each week? I hope in the future we can run an offical book launch and maybe even host the author (our students are super keen for a visit from Lynette Noni, so we will see what the next year brings).