Valentine’s Day Display


Valentine’s Day. A wonderful day to promote love, loving books and loving libraries. In Australia, Valentine’s Day is also ALIA’s Library Lovers’ Day, which I think is an awesome idea. In 2017, I themed this Valentine’s Day Display around ALIA’s Library Lovers’ Day promotional materials, which you can find on their website. 

I used two main fonts for this display: Heartland (for the main text) and Words of Love (on the smaller posters). One of my amazing student helpers put the display up on the board for me.

I also used the font Alice In Wonderland, which works quite nicely.

Students were asked what they love most about our library, which they wrote or drew on more heart cutouts and stuck to the return slot. This proved to be a popular lunchtime activity.

I printed a large quantity of Valentine’s themed bookmarks from FontaHolic and Library Lovers’ Day bookmarks, which can also be found on the ALIA website.

Blind Date With A Book

This library promotion has been around for a while, but it is the first time I have run it in our library. I rather like the idea and it turns out the students did, too.

Blind date with a book

I wrapped a selection of new and popular titles, found key words and wrote them on the front cover. Before wrapping, we made two photocopies of the covers, one for cutting out the barcode for each borrowing and the other to keep behind the desk as a record of which books were currently hiding behind brown paper (really helpful when you are searching the shelf for a copy you know you have but just can’t seem to find…). I also made these Read Me labels. I went with an Alice In Wonderland font for these, which I love and might use for next Valentine’s Day.