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Reading Tree

Reading Tree - Green

In an effort to bring a bit of life to the back corner of the school library’s junior reading room I have created a Reading Tree.

Reading Tree - FirstIt is made with large pieces of black cardboard, which I cut to resemble a trunk and branches and stuck together. I added the reading children later, as well as the green leaves, which are also cut from cardboard.

The beauty of this Reading Tree is that it can be decorated to suit the season or current celebration.

Reading Tree - Book Week

Here is the Reading Tree during  Book Week 2015 with lights and the paper lanterns the students made in Book Club.


  1. Rachel K

    Wow! It looks incredible! Good job 😀

    • Madison's Library

      Thanks! Glad you like it. The students like it too, and I’m looking forward to decorating it for Christmas.

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