Mac on the Road to Marseille – Christopher Ward – Dundurn – Published 17 June 2014


In Mac on the Road to Marseilles, Mac (never Mackenzie thank you) once again teams up with her favourite cab drivers from Paris. In this book, Mac becomes entangled in the annual taxi driver road rally and a rash of artwork theft in which art originals are being replaced with fakes, made noticeable by their modern additions.With high-speed car chases, tricks, disguises, mysterious passengers and suspicious characters, Mac has her work cut out for her to ensure her team of cabbies get to their goal point safely.

Middle graders will love this cultural romp through France, and the whole cohort of colourful characters. While there is a fair bit of French, it makes the book feel wonderfully authentic and nothing felt too overwhelming, through some readers may struggle with the diverse vocabulary. This is a book I would love to read aloud – French accent included! Though I had not previously read Mac in the City of Light I was able to quickly connect with the characters, though reading book one would have helped make more sense of their story. A fun and entertaining read.

The publishers provided a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Juvenile Fiction: Ages 12 to 15. Fantasy and Magic.