Heaven Sent Rain

Heaven Sent Rain – Lauraine Snelling – FaithWords – Published 1 July 2014


Dinah Taylor’s life is perfectly well ordered and controlled – from her wardrobe and apartment to her company. But what is she lacking? One day she reaches out to the little boy sitting on a park bench with his dog, and offers him breakfast. What starts as a fledgling friendship soon turns Dinah’s whole life upside down.

Heaven Sent Rain is a charming read, and is equally heart rending and heart warming. I’ll admit that the novel started off slow and was a bit disjointed. And yet, I couldn’t put it down. The characters were complex, struggling with life and I felt that we never really got to see all of them and who they are. But perhaps that is how it is in real life, we see fragments of people and try to draw a complete picture from these. Despite this slight disconnect with the writing style, I fell in love with this book. Oh, how you feel for the characters and their challenges. The pacing of the novel never really picked up, and yet so much was happening – it is a hard mix to describe. I was expecting more of a romance and we do see traces of it towards the very end, but foremost this is a story of family, learning to love again and reach out to those around you, making mistakes and living with them, God’s love, of a boy and his dog, drawing, life-saving medicine, animals and friendship.

The publishers provided a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Fiction. Christian. Contemporary. Romance.