Pizza Bible


Pizza Bible – Tony Gemignani – Ten Speed Press – Published 21 October 2014


This book is certainly well named. It has everything you could ever want to know about making all sorts of beautiful and delicious pizzas. And who better to learn from than a world pizza champion, pizza acrobat, and restaurateur, Tony Gemignani.

The book starts with what Tony calls the master class. Pizza is an art form to Tony and he asks that you respect it as such. What follows is a thorough introduction to all things pizza, from ingredients, tools of the trade and techniques. Tony here offers his basic pizza base, which takes 3 days to make. This is not just any old pizza we have come to expect from pizza chains or supermarket factories, but pizza that is lovingly created over longer time periods with the finest ingredients. The book then follows with a huge range of pizza styles with recipes for bases, toppings, accompaniments, as well as recipes for dough-based meals or using leftover dough. Each section has a comprehensive introduction, a range of tips and interesting information, divided by pizza style. History of pizza styles and traditions, as well as personal anecdotes bring life to these sections. Each recipe also has a small introduction, ingredient list and comprehensive set of step-by-step instructions. Tony also introduces the reader to professional tricks and methods. Beautiful photographs compliment the fantastic recipes and technique instructions. This book truly is the ultimate guide to pizza.

The publishers provided a complimentary copy of this book for reviewing purposes.

Non-fiction. Cooking. Pizza.