Book clubs for children are a staple activity at many libraries and schools. There are infinite ways to organised and run a book club. Here are a few ideas I have compiled from running my own school-library-based book clubs and a few ideas I have yet to try out.

Book Club Activity Ideas

Read togethers: Students all read the same book. This requires multiple copies of the same title. Book can be read together within the book club time or at home for later discussion.

Read alouds: the book club leader reads aloud to the students. Students take turns reading aloud. My middle-school book club have recently been enjoying Tim Harris’ Exploding Endings. We have spent entire book club session just reading aloud from these hilarious books.

Share new books: Book club members have first access to the newest editions to the library.

Reviews or shelf-talkers: Book club members write reviews or create shelf talkers to be added to the library catalogue, library shelves, school newsletter, online site such as Goodreads, or your own book club blog.

Book trailers: Watch or create your own book trailer.

Order new books: Give book club members the chance to suggest books like would like added to the library collection or what they should read next in book club.

What have you been reading: Moving around a circle, members share what they have been reading recently, their feedback and rating. Others can then asks questions.

Book Club Bingo: This YA Reading Bingo shared by Random House publishers is a great starting point for encouraging wider reading. Use this or a similar bingo board or create your own Book Club Bingo Challenge

Food: Snacks or treats – sometimes books and food go perfectly together.

Book Tastings: Book tastings are an exciting way to introduce readers to a ranger of new books or genres. There are plenty of online guides on how to run a book tasting, such as on Teaching With A Mountain View or Sassy Savvy Simple Teaching.

Colouring: Colouring can be hugely relaxing, just ask the mindfulness colouring movement, so why not provide some colouring in for your book club members. This works particularly well with younger readers or when used in conjunction with reading aloud to your book clubers.

Create Bookmarks: Create a special book club bookmark or bookmarks for favourite books.

Run Library Events: The book club could be responsible for creating or assisting with running a library event. Creating posters, designing displays, running or judging competitions…

Celebrate: Book club members are special so why not celebrate with an end of term or year party.

Book Club Organisation Ideas

  • Student run
  • Teacher or librarian led
  • After school
  • Lunchtime based