Home Is Where you Are

Home is Where You Are – Tessa Marie – Published 30 September 2014


A sweet and touching story.

Dean is hanging on to his life, barely. Homeless after leaving an abusive foster home, he is determined to survive and find his sister, from whom he was separated while in the foster system. But years of being alone are destroying his ability to hope. Being almost run over by Anna, a preppy girl who seems to have it all together, hardly seems like the thing that will change his life, but if there is one thing he is soon to learn, it’s that Anna will constantly surprise him.

Told in alternating POVs, the reader gets to experience the growing friendship between Anna and Dean from both sides. Tough situations are handled honestly, but with care. Both Anna and Dean learn they must begin to trust others, that asking for help isn’t always showing weakness and letting themselves connect to those around them might just be the best thing they have ever done. This sweet love story is an enjoyable read.