Storm Fall

Storm Fall – Tracy Banghart – Rebel Wing #2 – Alloy Entertainment – Published 16 December 2014


Welcome back to the world of Rebel Wing – where war continues, females are slowly being allowed to join the military – this time as their female selves – and Aris is recovering at home. Recurring nightmares and a reluctance to resume flying as well as an order to go home and stay quiet are keeping her on her parents’ farm, where neighbours no longer make eye contact and her friends cannot understand why she would give up on Calix. A surprise, but very welcome and much waited upon, visit from Milek, gives Aris a reason to get back in the air. And the action just explodes from there.

I love Aris. I really love Milek. I loved Ward Galena Vadim and her interactions with Ward Pyralis. I love the action, the twists that take you by surprise and keep you guessing (and madly flicking pages), and I love the friendships and romance. I love the mix of military and sci-fi, written like a mix of contemporary and fantasy.

Not many second books in a series keep my attention, but Storm Fall is the perfect follow up to Rebel Wing. There is lots of action and development to keep you engaged but there is also plenty of good stuff and not everything goes wrong or is a total disaster, which I liked. You definitely need to read book one, Rebel Wing, first, but both are well worth it. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Can’t wait for book three.

The publishers provided a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Juvenile Fiction. Science Fiction. Romance. War and Military.

Book One: Rebel Wing