Rebel Wing


Rebel Wing – Tracy Banghart – Rebel Wing #1 – Alloy Entertainment – Published 29 July 2014

With nail-biting adventure, a strong and capable heroine, delicious hints of romance and a great setting, Rebel Wing is a thoroughly enjoyable story.

Aris lives in a world currently being threatened by war. Living in Lux working as a crop duster on her father’s farm gives her a sense of security which is blown apart when the love of life Calix is selected for the military sector. Women are not allowed in the military so Aris prepares herself for a forced separation from Calix. She is surprised when she is approached by someone suggesting she work in the military sector putting her skills as a flyer to use. Determined to reunite with Calix, Aris must stretch herself beyond all limits and challenge everything she once thought she knew about herself and her world.

I really enjoyed this book. At first I wondered how it would manage to pull off a plot that has been well covered in ya fiction and a dystopian world with similarities to many we’ve seen before. However, within a few chapters I was sucked into Aris’s world. She is a relatable character, at first seeming nothing but a romantic love-struck fool, but soon shows her innate strength and determination. Not a huge fan of love triangles I surprised myself by quickly hoping something would happen with a certain Major. While this doesn’t develop much, there is enough to satisfy any romance lover and leaves plenty of room for developments in subsequent books. The plot was engaging and has plenty of action. I will be looking for the second book with much anticipation.

The publishers provided a complimentary copy of this book for reviewing purposes.

Juvenile Fiction. Science Fiction. War and Military.

Book Two: Storm Fall