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Ramblings: Creating A Library Presence on the School Website

Creating A Library Presence on the School Website – Where to Start

In my last post on this topic, I explored whether it is important or not for a school library to feature on its school’s website. Having an online presence is important to spread the word and love about the school library, and what better place to start than the school’s website. However, getting your library featured on the school’s website might not be that easy. It might depend on who controls the school’s website, the flexibility available for changes and additions, leadership’s support for the library, as well as time and access.

When I set out to update our school library’s presence on the school website, I went through a few steps. I thought I would share them here in case they are helpful for you.

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Ramblings: Library Presence on the School Website

A Library Presence on the School Website – does it matter?

School Libraries – Heart of the School

I think, if you are reading this, we can agree that school libraries are an important part of the school. Vital, one might say. They are often said to be the heart of the school, the hub of learning, wellbeing and belonging, a safe and welcoming place, a place of innovation, creativity and, of course, research and reading. As such an important part of the school, it should feature heavily on the school website, right?

Does your school library feature on your school website?

Whenever I look up a school or try to find a school library, I always start with the school website. Is the library listed in the menu? Can I find the library via search? Sometimes, the library has a dedicated page, sometimes a link to an entire separate website, sometimes there are links to articles in the digital newsletter, but surprisingly enough, sometimes I can find no mention of the library at all. Is this a choice made by the IT team, an external team who put together the website, the library team, the state education department or district, the marketing department, the principal? Is this a sign that there is no library or library team? Did the library team have a say in whether the library is featured? And if it is featured, did the library team have a say in the content displayed?

Is your school library featured on the school website?

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