Book Review: The Candy Dish


The Candy Dish

– Kobi Yamada and Adelina Lirius (illustrator) –

Compendium Inc.

Published 9 November 2021



The Candy Dish is an utterly delightful picture book with an important message of gratitude and embracing each and every day.

From the author that brought us the What Do You Do With… picture book series, Kobi Yamada has teamed up with illustrator Adelina Lirius to create a charming story.

The Candy Dish is the story of a little girl who discovers a magical and beautiful candy dish. When she opens it, inside is a candy that is delicious and unlike anything she has ever tasted before. It transports her. But as soon as she has finished eating it, she wants more. The dish won’t open and she becomes fixated on opening the dish. It is only when night passes and she starts a new day that the dish opens and once again the girl is transported by a new and unique taste. The cycle repeats until the girl starts to learn the value in savouring her special treat and being grateful for what she has, rather than wanting more.

Alongside the message of being grateful for what you have is the equally important theme of savouring each and every day. Just like the little girl is unsure about how long the candy dish will continue producing candy, we can live each day unsure when it might be our last. It is a very positive and uplifting way of discussing this topic.

A wonderful activity for young readers would be the mindful activity of eating and savouring a chocolate or sweet treat, paying attention to the flavour, texture and way it makes the eater feel. There is some great descriptions of how the candy transports the little girl.

The publishers provided an advanced readers copy of this book for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

More information

Category: Children’s Fiction – Picture Book

Themes: Gratitude, greed, candy, life, life lessons, value.

Reading age guide: Ages 3 and up.

Published: 9 November 2021 by Compendium Inc

Format: Hardcover. 36 pages.

ISBN: 9781970147599

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  1. sally

    This sounds delightful! Gorgeous illustrations too.

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