Just One Kiss and Just Like Home

– Courtney Walsh-

Harbor Pointe #3 and #4

Sweethaven Press

Published 2019 and 2020



Despite not enjoying the first book I ever read by this author, I am now massive Courtney Walsh fan. Trust me, I am so glad I gave her books another read and another chance because she has become one of my favourite authors and a go to for when I need a romantic and relaxing read. When the school holidays hit and I was looking for something to take my mind off my growing to-do list, I turned to Courtney Walsh. I was delighted to see that she had continued her Harbor Pointe series. I loved books one and two in the series, Just Look Up and Just Left Go, so I was excited to continue this series.

In Just One Kiss, single mother Carly Collins is strong and determined and more than capable. But when her son, Josh has a fall and ends up in the hospital for testing on his heart, it brings Josh’s father back to Harbor Pointe and into Carly’s life. She knows never to trust Josh again, but Josh is determined to show Carly just how much he has changed. It’s a romantic novel about forgiveness, facing the past and second changes, all wrapped up in a heart warming story about family. Lots of familiar faces from the first two books in the series and it was great to return to this cozy little town.

In Just Like Home, Charlotte Page is devastated to learn of her best (and only) friend’s death. She unexpected quits her job as principal ballerina in Chicago and moves to Harbor Pointe, determined to take over running Julianna’s dance studio and finally be there for the friend who saw her through so much. Even if it’s too late. To Cole Turner, Julianna’s death is another horrible tragedy in his life. He is still reeling from a messy divorce, broken heart and wounds from his childhood. He doesn’t need Charlotte Page in his life, but he admires her desire to honour his sister and support her family. In the midst of their hurt, this unlikely couple connect. It seems Charlotte is the only one who can see past Cole’s rude and hurting facade and to Charlotte, Cole is everything she never had in her love – steadfast and caring, even if he has trouble showing it. This book has so much hurt and grief and yet it is so full of love. Julianna’s young children and the way Cole and Charlotte help care for them, the love between this small community and the way they support each other, even Cole’s rough nurturing of a hurting young man – it’s all so heartwarming and delightful.

Just Like Home just might be my favourite of the series and I highly recommend this series if you enjoy heartwarming romance with a small town setting.  I do hope there are more books to come in this delightful series. You can read each of the books as standalone titles, or enjoy them all.

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Category: Adult fiction

Genre: Christian Contemporary.

Themes: Romance, relationships, belonging, family, sport, faith.

Published: 2019 and 2020 by Sweethaven Press

Format: Paperback, ebook.

ISBN: 9781080912322, 9781735527604

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