The Cost of Betrayal – Dee Henderson, Dani Pettrey and Lynette Eason – Bethany House Publishers – Published 4 September 2018




In Dee Henderson’s novella “Betrayal,” Janelle Roberts is freed–thanks to people she doesn’t know–after serving six years of a twenty-year sentence for a murder she did not commit. But a murderer is still at large, and Janelle needs to be somewhere safe with someone she can trust. She may not survive another betrayal.

In Dani Pettrey’s “Deadly Isle,” Tennyson Kent is trapped on the isolated island of her childhood by a storm surge, and she is shocked when the typically idyllic community turns into the hunting grounds of a murderer. Cut off from any help from the mainland, will she and first love Callen Frost be able to identify and stop a killer bent on betrayal before they become the next victims?

In Lynette Eason’s “Code of Ethics,” trauma surgeon Ruthie St. John saves the life of Detective Isaac Martinez. After a betrayal leads to him getting shot and then attacked while in recovery, Isaac is now a key witness determined to testify. But someone is intent on silencing him–and those around him–forever. Together, Ruthie and Isaac go on the run, desperate to escape the killers hunting him.

My thoughts

What could be more exciting than a collection of novellas from three of my favourite mystery-suspense authors? The Cost of Betrayal is suspense at its very best. A perfect sample of these three masters’ writing for new readers or simply another collection to enjoy for old fans. Either way, readers are sure to love the three new novellas in this collection.

Betrayed by Dee Henderson

It is so wonderful to drive back into the marvellous writing of suspense master Dee Henderson. Her novella, Betrayed is just as evenly paced and fully-fleshed out as any of her full length titles. As is her style recently, Betrayed focuses on solid, methodical detective work, with just slight hints of romance. I know some readers may not be as happy with the more open-ended ending of Betrayed but I loved it. It is perfect for a novella, allowing the full scope of the investigation and developing romance to play out without being constrained or squished into the timeline of the novella. Betrayed returns readers to Ann and Paul Falcon, this time as Ann stumbles across the evidence from a murder while enjoying a weekend hobby. As she works to untangle the truth of what really happened she has the opportunity to free Janelle, a woman wrongly accused of murder, and giving her the tools and people to ensure a fresh start in life.

I really enjoyed returning to Ann and Paul, as well as being introduced to Janelle and Greg. I loved the mix of murder investigation with the small details of Ann and Paul’s life -from snowball fights to walking Black. I also enjoyed Janelle’s story of coming to terms with her new freedom, meeting and working with Greg and her time on his idyllic island.

Deadly Isle by Dani Pettrey

While full of both action and romance, Deadly Isle didn’t grip me in the way other Dani Pettrey novels have. Nonetheless, it is a fun romp, with scary storms, explosions, bad guys lurking in the dark of night and a second-chance love story about forgiveness and over coming betrayal.

It’s turning out to be a bad day for Teni. First her fiancée dumps her, then on a routine morning swim her cousin goes missing and, to top things off, the man to come to her rescue is none other than the guy who broke her heart so many years ago. But Teni will need to accept Callen’s help if she is going to uncover what happened to her cousin and stop the person who seems intent on harming Teni herself.

Code of Ethics by Lynette Eason

Code of Ethics by Lynette Eason returns readers to the St John family from the Blue Justice series. If you are a fan of that series, Code of Ethics fits nicely between book two and the soon-to-be-released book three. Each book and this novella can be read as standalones, so if you enjoy Code of Ethics and haven’t started reading the Blue Justice books, it is the perfect introduction to this amazing crime-fighting family.

Ruthie St John is the black sheep of her family; the only one who is not an officer of the law. Instead Ruthie is a top surgeon. When she repairs the shoulder of a shot cop she is startled to stumble upon another attempt on his life. Issac is determined to find evidence on the cops who have betrayed their oath and fellow officers and who now want him dead. With Ruthie’s help, Issac is still alive – for now. But Ruthie and Issac will need to work quickly if they want to stay that way.

Brilliant suspense and a captivating story rounds out this collection of suspense novellas. Code of Ethics is just as well-written as any of Lynette’s full-length novels (I’m a fan) and a wonderfull addition to both this collection and the Blue Justice series.

I can’t wait to read more from all three authors and highly recommend Betrayed to readers who love inspirational suspense and a touch of romance. Whether you are already a fan of these talented writers or looking for something new, Betrayed will not disappoint.

The publishers provided an advanced readers copy of this book for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

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Category: Fiction

Genre: Christian suspense.

Themes: Detective, mysteries, murder, prison, innocence, guilt, criminal investigation, betrayal, faith, romance.

Advisory: References to violence and murder.

Published: 4 September 2018 by Bethany House Publishers.

Format: Hardcover, Paperback, ebook. 384 pages.

ISBN: 9780764231773

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