Called To Protect – Lynette Eason – Blue Justice #2 – Revell – Published 31 July 2018




For the past year, Chloe St. John has been working as a K-9 cop with her German shepherd partner, Hank. After being dumped by her fiance for another woman, Chloe has decided that Hank is just about the only male she likes. She’s over the whole romance thing and focuses her attention on doing her job. Because a serious case of human trafficking with connections to her missing cousin just landed in her lap.

When US Marshall Blake MacCallum’s daughter goes missing, he’s ordered to kill the judge he’s protecting and tell no one about his daughter’s disappearance or she will die. Blake races against the clock to rescue his daughter while Chloe and Hank are asked to be a part of the task force assembled to bring down the traffickers. Chloe finds herself attracted to the silent, suffering man, but thanks to her previous bad judgment, she wonders if she can trust him. And can Blake trust himself around this firecracker of a woman?

My thoughts

Called To Protect gripped me from the very first page. This exhilarating novel is packed with suspense and action, combined with the camaraderie of friendship, family, and the bonds forged in the midst of terrifying chaos. Cases that threaten the investigators’ family increase the stakes as clues must be unravelled and leads followed, creating a fantastic story.

Lynette Easton’s first book in the Blue Justice series was outstanding and this second book, Called To Protect follows suit. It has everything you could want in a gripping suspense novel, as well as touches of romance. I particularly enjoyed the emphasis on family the Blue Justice books showcase. Each book follows a member of the St. John family, a large, loud and loving group of crime fighters – from FBI agents to detectives and police officers.

Called To Protect is Chloe’s story. When a traffic accident leads to the discovery of a human trafficking ring, Chloe is happy she and her K-9 partner Hank were on the scene, especially when the discovery leads back to Chloe’s missing niece. US Marshall Blake MacCallum is brought into the case when it is uncovered that his daughter Rachel was one of the captured girls, held to ransom as a threat to get Blake to kill a National Judge. Chloe, Blake and Chloe’s brother Linc, team up and race against the clock to track down Rachel’s captors.

Called To Protect was impossible to put down. Its story of young girls taken and sold for profit was horrifying, yet Chloe, Hank, Blake and Linc are the people (and dog) for the job. It’s a personal case for them all and they stop at nothing to bring those responsible to justice. Rachel is a strong and determined young girl and, thanks to sections written from her perspective, gives the reader a strong reason to become emotional invested in her rescue. Hank’s part in the story was particularly interesting, and there are plenty of twists and big action scenes to keep you hooked.

The plot of Called To Protect remains focused on the unfolding case, but there are a few moments reserved for Blake and Chloe to realise they share a connection. They have been distant friends over the years, thanks to the connection through Linc, but spending time together on the case enables them to realise they have feelings that extend beyond friendship. The sweet romantic tension never steals the focus, but adds a nice extra element to this exciting novel.

Called To Protect is an engaging and exciting suspense and, if the teaser is anything to go by, the next book is the series, Brady’s story, is sure to be just as well-written and compelling.

The publishers provided an advanced readers copy of this book for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

More information

Category: Fiction

Genre: Christian suspense.

Themes: Kidnapping, human trafficking, police K-9 dogs, relationships, family, children, US Marshalls, slavery, FBI, drugs, investigation, detective, mystery, action. 

Advisory: References to human trafficking, drug use, murder, injury, suicide, shootings.

Published: 31 July 2018 by Revell.

Format: Paperback, ebook, audiobook. 320 pages.

ISBN: 9780800727031

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