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Enchanted Forest Display

Have you ever stepped into an enchanted forest? So many books give readers that opportunity, and that’s the feeling we wanted to recreate in our junior reading room.

Using Enid Blyton’s The Enchanted Wood, Kathrine Applegate’s Wishtree, and every other literary forest imaginable, we created our very own Enchanted Forest.

The entrance boasts a literary signpost, using some recycled signs from this post here, and a collection of new forest-linked literary destinations.

The Enchanted Forest background lettering came from Instant Display, and the wall is decorated with magic toadstools and fairies created by students in the makerspace. The Stephen King quote was cut using the library’s Cricut cutting machine.
The floral bunting was created by some keen student helpers, using white tissue paper to make roses and green leaves (also cut with the Cricut machine) hot glued to green ribbon.

Inside the forest, fairy lights purchased on eBay were strung to create a magical effect. Many teachers enjoy switching off the overhead lighting for story time. Amongst the lights, were strung gold oak leaves.

These were again cut on the Cricut machine using a simple oak leaf template and cut on thick gold cardboard and backed with black card, hung using fishing line. As the term progressed student work from the makerspace was added to the ceiling, from red robins to flower posies and toadstools.

The back wall hosted a giant magical forest. The gorgeous CC0 image was found on Pexels and enlarged using

Finally, the other back wall was decorated with Red the Wishtree, from Katherine Applegate’s beautiful novel of the same name. The Wishtree website offers some fantastic resources. We cut a range of leaf shapes for students to write their own wishes, which was very popular.


  1. Alicia

    That looks gorgeous!! I can see all the love that went into decorating the junior room. I would probably stay there every day 😀

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