Guff – Aaron Blabey – Penguin Australia – Published 2017




A delightful book for anyone who’s ever had a little fabric friend.

My thoughts

Aaron Blabey is the author of many delightful, hilarious children’s picture books, and Guff is no exception. Guff is sure to delight children and parents alike, with its whimsical take on the special bond between child and stuffed toy.

Meet Guff. He is the special friend of one little girl who has known and loved him since she was little. She recalls the adventures they have had together – and sometimes apart.

Beautifully presented in hardcover, Guff is delightful from the story within to the Blabey-unique artwork. The artwork has a  collage effect, with some characters outlined in white, bringing them to the foreground, and other pages constructed with side panels or full-width spreads. There are limited words in this story, with just one to two sentences on each page or double-spread. But that is all that is needed to convey the simple and heartwarming story.

Parents are sure to love this story, and relate to some familiar  scenes – from chasing the bus to diving into the sea to retrieve a forgotten friend. Guff himself if charming in that dilapidated state that only someone who is very well loved can attain. With a missing eye and ear and a torn heart, he’s little smile captures the heart and soul of this story.

Quick and easy to read, yet infinitely charming, Guff is sure to be a bedtime (or anytime) favourite – perfect for reading while cuddled up to your own special little friend.

The publisher provided a copy of this book for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

More information

Category: Children’s fiction – Picture book.

Themes: Friendship, love, belonging, toys, security, growing up, favourite things.

Reading age guide: Ages 4 and up.

Published: 2017 by Viking – Penguin Random House Australia.

Format: Hardcover 32 pages.

ISBN: 9780670077175

Teacher notes: Lamont Books

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