A Touch of Romance – Kimberly Rae Jordan – The Callaghans & McFaddens #6 – Three Strand Press – Published 29 April 2018




Mitch Callaghan had a great example of a wonderful relationship as he grew up. Watching his dad show his love for Emily, Mitch’s step-mom, through the years has made Mitch want to do the same for a special woman in his life. But instead, he’s watched as his brothers and sisters have found love while it has continued to elude him.

Belle Jacobs spent most of her growing up years watching her mom’s never-ending search for her prince charming. As an adult, she found out the hard way that flowery declarations of love and gifts of bouquets and candy didn’t mean the feelings were genuine. So while she’s busy running Belles and Beaus, the wedding planner/bridal clothing business her mom had started years ago, Belle has no plans to make use of the services for herself.

When Mitch accompanies Maya, his twin brother’s fiancée, to the meeting with the wedding planner, it’s under duress. He soon realizes, though, that what he’d seen as a favor for Gabe and Maya has become a life changing moment for him. But only him. Though Mitch has hoped for a love-at-first-sight type start to the most important relationship of his life, he’s also kind of assumed it would work that way for both of them.

Belle trusts very few people in her life, and she trusts emotions even less. So when a client’s brother seems interested in her, she tries to gently dissuade him while still keeping their business. Unfortunately, she has a situation in her life that he is perfect to help her out with.

Mitch never figured he’d have to battle for the love of his life, or that she would resist his attempts to romance her. Will the challenge scare Mitch away? Will Belle trust her heart once again? Or will she let fear of history repeating itself keep her from opening up?

My thoughts

A Touch of Romance is the sixth book in the Callaghans & McFaddens series. It continues the story of this large, loud, and loving blended family that I have come to love so much. A Touch of Romance is Mitch Callaghan’s story. And what could be more touching, sweet and romantic than a young man finally finding the answer of his dreams to fall in love?

Mitch Callaghan has watched his brothers and sisters one by one find their perfect match, fall in love and, in some cases, tie the knot. If you had asked him years ago, he would have said that he would have been the first sibling down the isle. Yet lasting love has eluded him so far. When his twin brother asks him to step in for him at a wedding planning meeting, Mitch meets Belle Jacobs. Yet, Belle, after years of planning weddings and experiencing her own crushing relationship that has left her weary of men, has no desire for anything other than a friendship with Mitch. Mitch is sure Belle is the girl for him, but he knows that pushing her too hard might mean losing her forever.

I was eager to read Mitch’s story and it didn’t disappoint. Not only does this book mean a return to the growing McFadden and Callaghan family, but Mitch holds a certain vulnerability that was appealing. Mitch has long felt that others prefer Gabe, his more outgoing twin brother, over himself. And a string of relationships that have lead nowhere but heartbreak have him wondering if he will ever find his happy ending. Belle might not seem like the ideal match, given her reluctance for romance, yet Mitch offers her an unconditional support that Belle has never before experienced. The growing friendship between Belle and Mitch was very sweet, as was Mitch’s patience and understanding and Belle’s strength and resilience.

Set against the backdrop of wedding planning, you really couldn’t get a more romantic storyline. Combined with McFadden & Callaghan family get-togethers and the overall continuation of the family story, A Touch of Romance is a fun book in which to indulge and perfect for readers of inspirational romantic fiction. The seventh book in the series is next due for release and promises to ramp up the suspense with Ryan McFadden’s story.

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Category: Fiction

Genre: Christian contemporary.

Themes: Weddings, relationships, romance, family, friendship, wedding planning, construction, abusive relationships. 

Published: 29 April 2018 by Three Strand Press.

Format: ebook. 201 pages.

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