2017 marks 30 Years of Where’s Wally. We decided this momentous occasion called for celebration.

Where’s Wally Display

Walker Books Australia, in their Classroom Newsletter, are celebrating 30 Years of Where’s Wally by offering a free downloadable Activities pack.

They were also offering a limited supply of free party packs, including balloons, a large Wally standee, a huge poster, activity sheets and stickers! We were fortunate to be sent one of the party packs. You can see the giant Where’s Wally poster and the Wally standee in the picture to the left.

We also added the dust jacket from the Anniversary Edition, which on the inside is a bright yellow poster (top left of the display). I added some tissue paper pompoms in matching colours and the wording was created using Fontmeme.com

It hasn’t been easy keeping books on this display as, even 30 years on, they are still hugely popular with students. The giant poster is also proving to be a hit with students and teachers alike.

Where’s Wally Library Hunt

We also ran a Where’s Wally Library Hunt during our special 30 Years of Where’s Wally Week. All the printables for this came from the Walker Books Activities Pack, including the entry form. I printed the characters and items (key, scroll, camera, etc), laminated them and hid them around the library. With each character or item I also hid a clue word. On the entry form, students had to write the word they found with each character. By finding all 8 characters they finished with a full sentence.

The prize packs for the library hunt included some of the items sent to us by Walker Books Australia, including Where’s Wally stickers and balloons, bookmarks printed from the Activity pack, and an amazing Where’s Wally hat, generously made and donated by one of our incredibly talented volunteers.

Where’s Wally Activities

Students enjoyed the range of printable activities, including colouring in and cross word. Again, these can all be found in the Walker Books Activities Pack.

A huge thanks goes to Walker Books Australia for their contributions to this library event and display.