Whispers of Love

Whispers of Love – A Change of Heart – Kimberly Rae Jordan – Georgia Press – Published 28 June 2016



Only one thing stands between Ethan Collins and the job he desperately needs: office manager Makayla McFadden. She hates that he represents a major change in her family’s business, but finds herself intrigued by him, too. Will Makayla be able to see that change can be a good thing, professionally and personally? Or will Ethan be back to square one—in need of a job in a new city?

Whispers of Love also includes 11 other titles by various authors.

My thoughts

So far I have only read the first of the included titles in Whispers of Love, A Change of Heart by Kimberly Rae Jordan. That novel was the reason I purchased this book, and the other 11 stories were just nice bonuses, which hopefully I will get around to reading soon. For now though, my rating and review are of A Change of Heart.

I love Kimberly Rae Jordan’s books. And I loved returning to the Callaghan-McFadden family. We first met them and saw the joining of their families in A Handful of Flowers. It is so nice to return to this large, loud and loving family. The kids are grown and Makayla, the eldest girl, is our protagonist for A Change of Heart. She is working at her father’s construction firm when Ethan is hired on. She is unsure of the change and dreads more uncertainty in her life. But she could never dream of the changes and uncertainly Ethan himself is facing. As she works with Ethan and glimpses a little more into his life she can’t help being moved by this quiet man who has so much to carry on his shoulders.

This is a charming romance, as well as a tale of family and friendship. Ethan is caring for his younger sister in the absence of loving parents. But the uncertainly about the permanence of his job and Makayla’s initial feelings of distrust mean Ethan isn’t sure he can move ahead in securing both his own and his sister Sienna’s future. Add to that his growing feelings for Makayla and seeing for the first time what a loving family looks like, and Ethan has a lot on his plate. He is a wonderful character, as are all the characters in this book. Family, romance, faith, friendship, fun summer days and trying emotional times, this book has it all.

I really enjoyed reading A Change of Heart and can’t wait for the next book in the Callaghans & McFaddens series, which is to be Bennett’s story.

More information

Category: Fiction

Genre: Christian contemporary.

Themes:  Family, romance, parents, employment.

Published: 28 June 2016 by Georgia Press.

Format: Ebook. 2000+ pages.

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