Book Review: You’re The One That I Want

You're The One That I Want

You’re The One That I Want – Susan May Warren – Christiansen Family # 6 – Tyndale – Published 1 February 2016



Owen Christiansen has been in a downward spiral since an injury ended his NHL career. But a job on an Alaskan crabbing boat offers a fresh start . . . maybe even a shot at romance with Elise “Scotty” McFlynn, the captain’s daughter.

Used to being one of the guys, to never relying on anyone, Scotty doesn’t believe in happily ever after―especially with someone like Owen. Her instinct is confirmed when Casper Christiansen arrives to drag his prodigal brother home, bringing with him a truckload of family drama―and even worse, the news that Casper is wanted for questioning in connection to a crime back in Minnesota.

But Owen is more than the sum of his mistakes, a truth both he and Scotty discover when she escorts both brothers to Deep Haven as part of her new job on the Anchorage police force. Thrust into an unfamiliar world of family, faith, and fresh starts, Scotty begins to see potential for a happy ending . . . if she’s brave enough to embrace it.

My thoughts

This is a long review because I can’t contain my love for this book. I was giddy to start reading this book and wasn’t let down by a single page. I loved every minute of it. Romance, action, family drama of the best kind, returning to Deep Haven and the Christiansen clan, humour and a toe-curling whirlwind kind of joy that comes from beautiful writing and a touching and heartfelt story. I’m not sure how to adequately express my absolute love for this book, these characters and this whole series, but you get that I loved it, right?

This is Owen’s story. The last in the Christiansen series, the last of the Christiansen siblings. I have been waiting for Owen’s story with much anticipation and the bittersweet mix that comes with continuing the Christiansens’ story and the conclusion of the series. 
We are plunged straight into the action. When we join Owen he is working on a crabbing boat. He has been away from his family for over a year, trying to outrun his guilt and shame, first for the way he reacted over partially losing his sight and subsequently his career in the NHL, then for the way he treated Raina, for picking that fight with Casper at Eden’s wedding, and last for the months of silence that span between him and his family. Working on the boat and being away from home has given him a pretty clear picture of his life and how he wants to change it. Top of that list might be getting Scotty McFlynn, the captain’s daughter, to go on a date with him. But that all gets pushed aside when on the last night at sea, Owen and Scotty are washed overboard during a storm. Will the cold light of day bring rescue or even more drama as Owen sets out to make things right.

I loved this book. This series just got better and better with each book. In fact, I think Owen’s story might just be my favourite. But then there was Eden’s and I loved Grace’s… Okay, so maybe I loved them all. But Owen’s brings with it a classic mix of humour and tension, and is just irresistible. Quite frankly Owen is hilarious. And charming. And so endearing. He has been lost, but is determined to make things right. And as much as I love Owen, he’s got nothing on Scotty. Brave, brash Scotty who can stand right along side any of the men on her father’s fishing boat, who is tough and funny and can match Owen in both his seriousness and joking humour, but who hides a tender side and a longing to belong.

The story flows beautifully. The whole While You Were Sleeping type thing they had going there for a moment was brilliant, and then we are back in Deep Haven, amid all the familiar faces. Add to this breathtaking romance and a murder mystery as a bonus, and You’re The One That I Want is short of neither action or tension. I think fans will love how the series ends. And if you haven’t yet read any books in this series or maybe started one and never read them all then this is the perfect time to start. While each book does follow its own story arch, much of the plot continues on from subsequent books, so it really would make more sense to read them chronologically (trust me, it’s worth it).

I have come to love this crazy family in all their loud, laughing, loving glory. I can’t really address my thoughts for this final book without reflecting on the whole series. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to fall in love with these characters and to follow their journeys. In her author’s note, Susan May Warren says that she set out to write a series about real people dealing with real issues of faith and family, not shying away from their mistakes but seeing God in every time of darkness. Well, she accomplished that and so much more. She gave us characters that worm their way into your heart, setting up shop and not leaving. Family dynamics that make you long for the craziness of a large and loud, kind and caring family who share in your successes and help out during times of trial. But never once is the hard work of real life glossed over. And under all that is a simple but true faith woven seamlessly into the fabric of this story, this family.

I am so thankful for wonderful books like You’re The One That I Want and for very talented people like Susan May Warren who write such wonderful books. I’m sad for the series to end, but so enamoured with the journeys of love, adventure, family and faith each of these books have brought. Excuse me while I go back and read them all again, maybe starting with book 6 and working backwards this time.

The publishers provided a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

More information

Category: Fiction

Genre: Christian contemporary.

Themes:  Romance, family, brothers, forgiveness, faith, redemption.

Published: 1 February 2016 by Tyndale.

Format: Paperback,  hardcover, ebook, audiobook. 384 pages.

ISBN: 9781414378466

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    Nice review !! Couldn’t help it but I started singing the song from Grease when I read the title 😂 -Trang

    • Madison's Library

      Thanks Transhaan! There are a few references to Grease and that song in the book, too.

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