Book Review: Orion and the Dark

Orion and the Dark

Orion and the Dark – Emma Yarlett – Templar Publishing – Published 1 May 2014



Orion is scared of a lot of things, but most of all he’s scared of the dark. So one night the Dark decides to take Orion on an adventure.

My thoughts

This book is wonderfully charming. I sat down to cover it for the library and, opening it up, could not stop reading. Every page is full of humour and surprises. Even the title page is clever and funny. Orion and the dark 3
Orion and the Dark is written in notebook form. Orion tells the reader that he is afraid of a lot of things, but is especially scared of the dark. So when Dark comes for a visit and Orion is more scared than ever before, he is a little reluctant to go on an adventure with Dark. But adventure they do, and Orion soon discovers that the dark can be a lot more fun than he ever expected. 

Orion and the Dark 2The illustrations just leap off the page. They are bright, despite how much of the book has black or dark blue as the dominant or background colours. The use of colour is beautiful. Other pages are notebook lined, with little drawings and annotations. There are even cutout pages. But despite how absolutely gorgeous the illustrations are, it is the story that really grabs your heart. Orion is a brave little fellow, and children and adults alike will love going on this amazing adventure with him. Orion and the dark 5

Of course there are the messages of bravery and being scared, but this book is never preachy or predictable. It’s genuine humour and charming lines, bring this book to life. It was a surprise and a delight. I can’t wait to share it with the students and it is definitely one I’m going to want a copy of on my own bookshelf.

More information

Category: Children’s fiction.

Genre: Picture book.

Themes: Dark. Fear. Bravery. Emotions and feelings. Friendship. Writing and drawing.

Reading age guide: Ages 3 and up.

Published: 1 May 2014 by Templar Publishing.

Format: Hardcover,  paperback. 40 pages.

IBSN: 9781783700288

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