until We Meet Again

Until We Meet Again – Renee Collins – Sourcebooks Fire – Published 3 November 2015



Cassandra craves drama and adventure, so the last thing she wants is to spend her summer marooned with her mother and stepfather in a snooty Massachusetts shore town. But when a dreamy stranger shows up on their private beach claiming it’s his own—and that the year is 1925—she is swept into a mystery a hundred years in the making.

As she searches for answers in the present, Cassandra discovers a truth that puts their growing love—and Lawrence’s life—into jeopardy. Desperate to save him, Cassandra must find a way to change history…or risk losing Lawrence forever.

My thoughts

This book is about a girl from 2015 and a boy from 1925. When they first meet on their (shared via the centuries) private beach neither at first realises they hail from different centuries. As they continue to meet, and quickly fall in love, they soon discover that there may be more than just time that wishes to keep them apart.

I didn’t love this book. It was readable, just not totally believable. The time thing is never explained, just put down to the magic of destiny, and that would have been fine if I could get on board with the romance. Cass and Lawrence’s connection fell flat and happened too quickly for me. The only thing they seemed to have in common was a general broodyness and poetry. Again, this could have been fine, but for some reason I just didn’t care.

Cassandra starts off reading like a sulking brat. I was hoping this would change over the course of the book, which it did a little, but I couldn’t help but feel she was just another angsty…, well, teenager. And she didn’t have much cause for that.

The plot seems very simple. Cass and Lawrence meet, spend time talking on the beach, go home and think about each other. Lather, rinse, repeat. Of course, things get a little more complicated towards the end and the suspense builds a bit. The ending was good and I was pleasantly surprised by it. It didn’t go for easy or cliched, which was nice. I thought there could have been a whole lot more to this book. Family backstory, maybe. A reason for Cass to be so upset (aside from her nice family taking her on a vacation to a very big and fancy house in a rather nice part of the country. I mean, really?). More of a tangible connection between Cass and Lawrence. I don’t know. Something. Perhaps the problem I had with this book overall was the tendency to tell rather than show. Overall, Until We Meet Again is a simple story about love that transcends time, I just wish I could have enjoyed it more.

The publishers provided a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

More information

Category: Young adult fiction.

Genre: Science-fiction – Time travel.

Themes: Love and romance, time travel, 1920s, mystery, family.

Reading age guide: Ages 14 and up.

Advisory: Violence, descriptions of fights no graphic details.

Published: 3 November 2015 by Sourcebooks Fire

Format: Hardcover, ebook. 336 pages.

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