Book Week 2015

Celebrated in Australia from 22 August to 28 August 2015, Book Week is a fantastic time to celebrate books, authors, illustrators, readers and all those involved in the book industry, from publishers to librarians. And in our library, celebrations mean displays!!

Here is the third display for this year’s Book Week:

Books Light Up Our World.

Lighthouse Window PaintingThis lighthouse has been painted onto the back window of the library using window paint. During Book Week the students will be invited to write the title of their favourite book onto a small, yellow star and stick it onto this display. Standing almost 3 metres tall and 2.5m wide, this is a striking image. I have already received lots of compliments about how effective it looks and the students love it (and really wanted to help with the painting).




The inspiration for this display came from this beautiful piece of art. While I wanted to somehow include the book text, the image itself also works as an effective display.


I received the recipe for window paint from one of the library’s very talented volunteers.

2/3 cup colourless liquid detergent/dish soap

1/3 cup tempera paint powder

4 tablespoons liquid starch.

Mix the three together. Add more paint powder to achieve a thicker paint, and water to thin the paint. I used old jars to mix and hold the paint. This window paint is great as you can use it on any glossy surface, much like the chalk markers available. Simply add and mix different coloured paint powers to create different colours. It is also easy to remove, just wet and wipe (you will end up with very soapy rags and water). I used a small roller to apply the dark blue background and brushes for the rest of the colours.


The font I used for the title in this display was Twinkle. I was amazed at how effective this looked on the window. Big, bold and bright, printed onto A4 yellow cardboard and laminated.