Love on A Deadline

Love on a Deadline – Kathryn Springer – A Year of Weddings 2 #9 – Zondervan – Published 28 July 2015



MacKenzie “Mac” Davis left her hometown of Red Leaf, Wisconsin, to pursue a degree in journalism. But when her dad, the town’s beloved Coach Davis, suffers a mild heart attack, Mac returns home to help out. She takes a job at the weekly newspaper but instead of covering serious topics, her editor wants her to write about social events—like the garden club’s flower show and the historical society’s afternoon tea. Mac knows it’s no way to earn her father’s respect—or the attention of one of the newspapers she hopes will hire her when she leaves Red Leaf.

When Hollis Channing, Mac’s high school nemesis, returns to Red Leaf to marry her celebrity fiancé, the editor asks Mac to cover the big event—and all the festivities leading up to—for the newspaper.

The last thing Mac wants to do is reconnect with the person who made her life miserable when she was a teenager . . . unless it’s spending time with Ethan Channing, the bride’s older brother—and Mac’s first crush.

Mac is no longer the awkward girl who wore the school mascot costume to the Homecoming dance but she realizes something hasn’t changed. Her feelings for Ethan.

My thoughts

When I tried, and disliked, a few books in this second series of wedding novellas, I decided to stick with authors I already knew and loved. Kathryn Spring has placed herself firmly in this category with her full length novel The Dandelion Field and her novella The September Bride in the first Year of Weddings Series. Now Love On A Deadline confirms her ability to write loveable characters in charming settings, all tied up with a writing style that flows beautifully and makes for an enjoyable read.
After reading some pretty heavy books recently this was the perfect reprieve, light and fun and sweetly romantic. Mac has returned to Red Leaf to care for her ailing father. Working as a journalist for the local newspaper, she is frustrated to be handed social events to cover instead of the serious stories she longs to investigate. Her latest task is to report on the upcoming wedding of returning local Hollis Channing who is marrying her celebrity fiancé. The only problem is that Mac has plenty of history with Hollis and her brother, Ethan Channing, and not much of it is anything Mac wants to relive any time soon.

By the first chapter I was intrigued by the history between Ethan and Mac, and before too long the flame Mac held for Ethan all those years ago is determined to splutter back to life. The difference, this time around, is that Ethan might actually notice her. The only problem I had with this book was the ending seemed a little rushed, but this is a novella, so one can only expect that. I would have loved more of this story, and Hollis and her fiancé have their own intriguing love story that I would have loved to read more about. Nevertheless, there was a nice balance between details and a simple plot line that suited the length of the book. The standout was the great characters and sweet romance that rekindles between Mac and Ethan. This was a fun and quick read. I can’t wait to read whatever Kathryn Springer writes next.

The publishers provided a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Category: Fiction

Genre: Christian contemporary.

Themes: Romance. Contemporary. Family. Marriage.

Series: A Year of Weddings 2 #9

Published: 28 July 2015 by Zondervan.

Format: Ebook. 112 pages.

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