Book Review: The Revenge Playbook

The Revenge Playbook

The Revenge Playbook – Rachael Allen – HarperTeen – Published 16 June 2015



Don’t get mad, get even! In this poignant and hilarious novel, Rachael Allen brilliantly explores the nuances of high school hierarchies, the traumas sustained on the path to finding true love, and the joy of discovering a friend where you least expect.

In the small town of Ranburne, high school football rules and the players are treated like kings. How they treat the girls they go to school with? That’s a completely different story. Liv, Peyton, Melanie Jane, and Ana each have their own reason for wanting to teach the team a lesson—but it’s only when circumstances bring them together that they come up with the plan to steal the one thing the boys hold sacred. All they have to do is beat them at their own game.

My thoughts

Four girls, separated by their stories, beliefs, friends and interests, are united in their desire for revenge. Revenge on the footballers at Ranburne High and how they treat the others at the school. Revenge for the injustices committed against themselves and others.

This was an interesting book. I couldn’t put it down, but I wanted to slam it down hundreds of times because it made me so mad! The only reason I was able to keep reading this book was because I was so desperate to see the boys get punished. I wanted pain. Blooded noses. Prison time. Humiliation and destruction. I could not stand how they and the school treated the girls in this book. Do schools really allow this to happen in real life? Don’t answer that. Naming and shaming. Abuse. I was fuming throughout most of this book. And yet I was also able to laugh at the girls’ antics, and smile at their growing friendship, despite their differences.

The Revenge Playbook covers some pretty intense topics, but it does it well. I particularly liked that there were some nice guys, which I thought was good (and fair). This isn’t a book about boy hating – it is about combating girl hating and I loved how it did that without resorting to the opposite (although I could have done with some more punishment for the guilty parties!!). The Revenge Playlist is also about making a difference, about standing up and speaking out, and yet in no way is it preachy, judgemental or unrealistic. It is original, fresh, moving and fun.

The publishers provided a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

More information

Category: Young adult fiction

Genre: Contemporary.

Age guide: 13 and up.

Themes: Romance. Social Issues. Dating and sex. Friendship. Bullying.

Published: 16 June 2015 by HarperTeen.

Format: Paperback, ebook. 368 pages.

Author’s website: Rachael Allen

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    Sounds like a fun, light read! 🙂 Nice post.

    Hope you check out my debut novel, THE WAITING ROOM.

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