ANZAC Day occurs on the 25th of April each year here in Australia. It is a day that remembers and honours those who served and died in wars, and commemorates the spirit of the ANZACs – sacrifice, courage and mateship.

I created a simple display in the entrance of the school library to coincide with the weeks surrounding ANZAC Day.

 Display Elements


I made strands of tissue paper poppies to hand over the returns desk. They made a great impact on-mass and looked lovely swinging in the breeze. Tissue Paper Oriental Poppies

You can also find any number of tutorials on the web about making paper flowers. I found a post by Design Every Day particularly helpful and was able to alter the design to create poppies of the right size and colour for my display. You can find a simple tutorial on how to make my version of oriental poppies below in PDF format.

Oriental Poppy Tutorial PDF

Paper Poppies


The ANZAC Day posters were found on ANZAC Portal. The font used for the lettering was St Nicholas.