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 A Year of Weddings

Various Authors – 12 Books – Zondervan Fiction – Published November 2013 to October 2014

Year of weddings

A Year of Weddings is a collection of Christian contemporary novellas written by twelve different authors. There is a novella for each month, and each is centred around a wedding. Happily ever afters are guaranteed.

September Bride

Overall, I enjoyed this series. It was fun and novellas always provide a quick read. A lot of the authors are prominent Christian authors who consistently write great fiction, while others were new to me.

october bride

The December Bride by Denise Hunter, The September Bride by Kathryn Springer and The November Bride by Beth K. Vogt were particular favourites of mine.

An October BrideKatie Ganshert

A sweet story about family, love and friendship. Who doesn’t love a best-friends-falling-in-love story? Emma has been crushing on her friend Jake since lower school. He has always been there for her, so when Emma finds her dying father’s bucket list she is determined to help cross off the last item: Walk Emma down the aisle. And when Jake offers to be the groom, Emma can’t help but say yes. But keeping the deception from her family may be just as challenging as hiding her true feelings from Jake.

An October Bride is a delightful story, that balances well between Emma’s love for her dad and her feelings for Jake. A quick and engaging read.

November bride

A November Bride – Beth K. Vogt

Sadie and Erik have been friends since they were kids. Friends only. Except for that one kiss. But, determined not to become one more ex-girlfriend in a long list, Sadie made sure they returned to friends-only territory when the kiss meant so much more to her than it did to Erik. Twelves years later and once again single, Sadie holds tight to their friendship, just like she keeps a tight grip on the order of her household possessions (which Erik likes to rearrange) and the state of her kitchen (which Erik likes to mess up).

Erik is determined to show Sadie that dating him could be perfect and Sadie is equally determined to make it as hard as possible for him. What follows is equally hilarious and sweet as Sadie learns to let go and Erik learns to hold on tight.

A November Bride is an original and creative addition to this great series, with an engaging writing style, loveable characters and great quips and quick dialog. A very enjoyable read.


A December Bride – Denise Hunter

December BrideLayla does not want to attend her ex-fiancé’s wedding. She especially doesn’t want to attend it on the arm of the man she blames for the whole breakup mess, Seth Murphy. But in a tight spot, that is exactly what she finds herself doing. Even crazier is that she leaves the wedding fake-engaged to the man. Eager to right the mistake, Layla soon finds that her engagement to Seth may hold the key to unlocking the career opportunity she has always dreamed of. Prolonging the (fake) breakup, Layla and Seth begin to work together. Layla may be after her dream career, but for Seth there is a lot more at stake.

Denise Hunter pulls off the perfect romantic read, bringing to life the small town charm we have come to expect from her Chapel Springs series. The story sucks you in and wraps you in warms details and light humour as Seth and Layla muddle through their romantic entanglement before their looming Christmas Eve wedding deadline arrives. A December Bride comes highly recommended.

The series is available as separate titles, in a complete bundle or in seasonal bundles.

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