Kate Triumph

Kate Triumph – Shari Arnold  – Alloy Entertainment – Published 16 October 2014


Kate is a little different than the average human. She can run much faster and can heal much quicker. Her abilities set her apart from those around her – and she likes it that way. It is easier to keep everyone at a distance than trust them and let them hurt you. Kate and her mother are close, a team of two against the world. But, when their car is rammed on the way home from a race meet Kate survives. Her mother does not. Reeling from the loss, Kate is shocked to learn her father is not dead after all. And so, Kate moves to Mercer Island to live with him. Used to making new starts, Kate is determined to let this move be no different. She has just one rule – let no one get close. But Kate wasn’t counting on her bubbly, student-body-president neighbour or his gorgeous, spin-her-for-a-loop brother. When the shadows haunting Kate start to reappear around her new home, she begins to undercover a huge range of secrets, especially from those closest to her. Who is the man determined to kill her, who is the creepy doctor and who wrote the note warning her to be wary?

Suspense, action, superhero powers, romance, great family dynamics and fabulous, quote-worthy lines make this a surprising and thoroughly entertaining read. While the story starts slow and it takes a bit to get connected with the characters and action, persevere, it’s definitely worth it. Kate is sharp, hilarious and has a market on sarcasm, and she makes for a spunky and courageous heroine. The romance fairly sizzles, and I loved the interactions between Kate and her newly-discovered father. While the ending is perfect I would love a sequel and there is plenty of room left for more adventure. Highly enjoyed and highly recommended.

The author provided a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Juvenile Fiction. Action and Adventure. Romance. Superpowers.