The Dandelion Field – Kathryn Springer – Zondervan Fiction – Published 27 January 2015

The Dandelion Field is beautiful – achingly raw and yet full of hope.

Raine is pregnant and Cody is the father. This was not the future the two high-school seniors had in mind when a romance sparked between the new girl in town and the son of the town hero. Gin, Raine’s mother is ready to run – like always, but Raine is determined to stick around. And then there is Dan. He helped raise Cody, is like a father to Cody, and is the man that will stand behind him while he and Raine sort through this. As the four interact, they learn to balance their own plans for the future, the town expectations and finding God’s grace and will in their lives. Interspaced with the story are flashbacks, detailing Cody and Raine’s first meeting and their growing friendship, Dan’s history with Cody’s parents, and Gin’s past. These flashbacks help keep the story moving, while adding wonderful depth to the characters, backstory and relationships.

Gin is used to standing alone, looking out for herself and protecting her daughter. Witty and sharp, she and Dan butt heads from their first meeting. And Dan can’t get her out of his head. Dan is a town hero. Strong and steady, with a good dash of charm and handsome looks, he is combination Gin has never before experienced, and she finds him both irritating and irresistible.

The Dandelion Field is a wonderfully written and a truly moving story. Honest and heartwarming, Kathryn Springer expertly blends human struggles with God’s hope. A perfect ending, and yet I want more. So much more of the loveable, flawed characters, simple and yet deep faith, and the little, touching moments. Very highly recommended as your next great Christian contemporary romance read. Enjoy.

The publishers provided a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Fiction. Christian. Contemporary. Romance.

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