A Year in the Life of a Teacher Librarian – Starting Term 2

It has been my goal for some time now to share what my role as a teacher librarian is comprised of in the day in, day out. I hope that it sheds some light into what can sometimes be a mysterious and unknown role to those outside libraries. I hope it might inspire someone to enter the world of school libraries as I was once enticed. And I hope it encourages others in the school library world to share their experiences. Of course, my role and experiences are unique and would differ if I was in a different country, state, school, library setting or role, and the joy of library work is that no one day, library, role or experience is ever the same. I may post once a month about this, but far more likely I will put fingers to keyboard once a term. If you would like to read all of the posts in the series, you’ll find them here. 

If there is one word for the start of Term 2 it is EXHAUSTING. I write this physically and mentally exhausted. I don’t know what it is but by week 2 of this term it felt like it should already be week 9 of the term. Here’s hoping I can make it through this term.

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